6 Girls Sneakers That Don’t Look Like Sneakers!

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I am a mom to three girly-girls who love their dresses and pink and of course the perfectly cute pair of Mary Janes to match every outfit.

So call me shocked several years ago when my oldest started preschool and I read the words “please send your child to school in sneakers!”  I pictured my kids in their sweet dresses and tights with big clunky white tennis shoes on and I panicked. (I know, first world problem.)  But I know I’m not alone in my quest for cute footwear for kids that is both fashionable yet is ‘sneaker worthy’ that still let’s kids just be kids and run around to their heart’s desire in complete comfort.

Every year we search for just the perfect pair and we found some amazing ones this year!  Here are some of our favorite ‘fashionable sneaker’ choices:

Merrell Mary Jane from Nordstrom

Naturino  4431 Mary Jane from Nordstrom

Naturino Glitter t-straps from Zappo’s.

Primigi Sophie Mary Jane from Nordstrom

My favorite – the Lelli Kelly Dolly from Piperlime.

 Geox Jr. Freccia from Piperlime.

Now this is coming from a mom who is a runner and I live in my Nike’s –  so I know eventually I’ll be giving up the girly cuteness of my daughters and they’ll be tying up their very own Nike’s soon.   Maybe Nike can just make a pair in pink with a bit of glitter. A  girly girl can dream…

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Tracy is the mother of three girls and works as a freelance writer and in the children's fashion industry. She loves finding and shopping for the latest trends yet keeps her closets full of classic and whimsical styles and loves to scour thrift stores. Tracy enjoys running, traveling, baking, shopping, drinking red wine, wearing high heels and telling really bad jokes to her children. Blog www.sellabitmum.com


  1. Just wanted to add–I purchased the adorable Naturino pink glitter mary janes shown above. Within literally TWO days of my 5-year-old daughter wearing these to preschool, they literally were completely coming apart (i.e., the fronts were completely scuffed, like we’d owned them for a year, and the glitter honeycomb siding completely came off in several areas.) Too bad–they’re so cute on. I was so sad to return these, but after two days, it looked like we had owned these for years!

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