Curl Covers

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What is are Curl Covers?  Well, I a mso glad you asekd!   They are adorable bags for your flat irons and curling irons so you can put them away while still hot.  Think of them as the beauty oven mitt!

This mom of 6 girls was on a mission to find a solution to put away hot curling irons and flat irons that were taking over the counters in her bathrooms.  So, being the savvy mom that she is, she got to work and made a heat resistant pouch which is now known as the Curl Cover!  They come in a variety of beautiful fabrics and she can even make custom orders for Salons, Teams or your Company!

All you savvy travelers will love Curl Covers because you can  finally pack up those last minute hot items without the fear of starting your cashmere sweater on fire!  I mean, how many have you left in the bathroom of the hotel while it was cooling down?

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Curl Covers

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  1. I have just returned from a three week trip to Egypt, Jerusalem, and parts of the middle east. I took my Curl Cover and could not believe how wonderful they were. I was never waiting for my curling iron to cool down, I was never late for the bus. I was able to put my curling iron straight into my suitcase hot. This is an amazing product and the fabrics are beautiful. The Curl Covers are extremly well made. I would recommend this to everyone that travel. It makes a perfect gift as is wonderful to use at home to keep the bathroom clean.

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