Swanky After Hours BlogHer 2010

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Swanky NYC BlogHer 2010
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My first time attending BlogHer 2010 and I get the wild idea to throw a party, I guess I fiqured why not paint the town Pink!  The penthouse suite at The London is nothing short of spectacular and from the moment I set foot into the suite I knew everything was going to be Fantastic!  (I must have said “fantastic”  899 times that night) The views of New York City from the 53rd and 54th Floor were breathtaking, yup the penthouse was 2 levels.  I was even lucky enough to spend the night and wake up to an incredible view of Central Park.  Okay but what about the party…

Ciao Bella Gelato wheeled in their bright pink cart fully stocked with TDF flavors and served them to guests in some very swanky, branded martini glasses.  Naturally! Deborah the VP of marketing brought along some professional gelato scoopers and mingled with all the swanky bloggers.   Ciao Bella brought in 100 bags o’ swag for everyone to take home and we raffled off a Gelato Machine, 4 pints of Gelato and The Book of Gelato and Sorbet.  The lucky winner was Julie from JustPrecious

Cocktails were provided by X-Rated Fusion Liqueur and the 3 signature cocktails of the night were; The Sassy Sipper, The Swanky Mix and Tickled Pink.  My favorite was Tickled Pink!  One guest said “These are the best cocktails I’ve had at Blogher” and I think most of us would have to agree!



Besides enticing all these fabulous bloggers to come to the event, I felt like I had to bring something to the party so check out the Savvy Sassy Water  – they’re so darn cute!   I was so excited to find bottleyourbrand.com Be Savvy. Be Sassy. Stay Hydrated!

I thought I was going to have to chain down the Daily Silver Handbag from Ecoist – the larger version of this bag, The Mega Silver was featured in Sex & the City 2, carried by Samantha.  The Ecoist Daily Silver went to Cheryl of Mommy_Pants The next day Cheryl received many dirty looks, jealous stares and some threatening tweets.  Everyone wants that bag!

zulily made a beautiful centerpiece of merchandise and the typical brands they carry on the Daily Deal shopping website.  Guests were able to talk with the Amy, the marketing manager and get the inside scoop of what is happening over at zulily.  Everyone was given a zulily gift card and Amy also gave away a $100 Credit to zulily.com which went to KariEllen Happy Shopping!

The Best part of the night?  The energy I felt from 100 intelligent, creative, funny, gorgeous, influential, savvy, kind, fashionable, friendly, energetic, successful and talented women.  The night played out just as I had imagined it in my mind a thousand times.  I set out to create an event that was little bit different from the rest, I wanted Ciao Bella Gelato, zulily and all those that attended to  authenitically connect with the each other in a warm but swanky atmosphere and I believe my mission was accomplished!

Thanks to Suzanne Cohen of Suzanne Cohen Photography for all these Fabulous Pictures, and her husband DadaRocks!

Thank you popchips, as always your popchips were snacktastic!  Thank you Carolina Pad for sending over the fun notebooks, not a single one was left!

Thanks for coming to Swanky NYC and you can bet your Savvy Sassy pants there will be a Swanky LA!

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  1. You did such a fab job – you should be very proud of yourself! It was definitely my favorite party, and I’m not just saying that because I won the ecoist bag! It was classy, it was fun, there was just the right number of people, there was gelato, and you were an awesome host – perfect!!

    I’m so happy I got to attend! Thanks again!

  2. Andrea you are more radiant and beautiful in person than I had imagined. Thank you and all your sponsors, especially zulily, for a fabulous party. I haven’t begun my shopping spree yet – I just can’t settle on what I want as there is so much to chose from!

    Hoping to have a chance to actually hang out and talk to you at some point instead of the crazy and frenetic atmosphere of the madness we call BlogHer. 🙂

  3. THIS is the kind of event that I like to attend!! Andrea, you threw such an awesome, intimate, classy party where we actually got a chance to talk with one another and get to know your sponsors!! This was engagement at its finest and it simply has to be the wave of the future in brand parties. Seriously. I can’t believe you made it happen being the BlogHer virgin that you were! 🙂

    Can’t wait for more Savvy Sassy events!!

  4. Oh, Andrea. You’ve outdone yourself. Sign me up for every party of yours from now on!

    I love love loved the Ciao Bella Gelato and the decadent vodka.

  5. Girl you thorw one classy, savvy, swanky memorable party! This was hands down the best party I attended at BlogHer! Why you ask?First, a Savvy hostess who had a vision for something special–The Silver Spoon invites were da’ bomb! It was in an amazing swanky space with spectacular views, it had the perfect amount of high quality women, I loved the combo of girlie drinks and the insanely deelish Ciao Bella Gelato (can’t get the combo of Blackbeerry Cab and Chocolate off my mind!), great giveaways and an overall inviting classy vibe that left an indelible memory on my mind. Thank you for including me in such a fantastic event! I look forward to your next Swanky Party! Love you!

  6. Thanks for letting me crash your party! I had a blast and met some cool people.

  7. This was by far my favorite party! We’re still talking about the Ciao Bella Gelato! YUMMY!!! The suite was beautiful, the view was amazing, the guest were amazing and you looked beautiful!!

    Can’t wait until next year.

  8. It was nice to sit and chill at the end of a very busy day! It was a fabulous party, with fabulous people attending. I got to spend some one on one time with people, without time constraints. The Hotel was BEAUTIFUL!!! I felt so Sex in the City with all of that swank!

  9. this was one classy get together. As I was leaving, I found Andrea and I told her, “you did an amazing job”. From my heart, I tell you, this gathering was as “NYC” as it gets. Classy, cosmopolitan, the whole nine yards.

    Well done Andrea!

  10. IMO – This was THE party of Blogher 10 – and I’m not just saying that because we’re friends!
    The people who attended were amazing, the venue was superb and the sponsors were fantastic.
    AWESOME job darlin’!

  11. Seriously, one of the best parties of all of blogher. I was talking to someone who went back to her room and didn’t make it to the party and not getting there is one of her biggest Blogher regrets.

    Oh! and the location. GORGEOUS!

    The mix of sponsors was perfect, too. And you integrated it all so seamlessly.

    Of course, now you created a tough act to follow–for the rest of us, and for you, too! How will you ever beat that? (something tells me you’ll pull it off!)

  12. Andrea your party was so perfect it almost brought a tear to my eye! It was a pleasure and privilege to attend. I’m not allowed to cash in my sorbet coupons till the girls get home from camp and I enjoyed hearing about all the sponsors at your first class event. The nicest thing was that it was such a great chance to really sit and chat and get to reconnect with friends. Perfectly balanced and oh so swanky in that amazing location!

  13. I was so excited to attend your event, since I know how savvy you are, but I was beyond wowed.

    From the location (gorgeous and so swanky!), to the fabulous drinks (seriously the best I had at BlogHer), to the amazing guests (including our sassy hostess!) it was perfection.

    While the party sponsors were there-it was the perfect blend of having them share their products without being pushy or over the top. And well everyone loves gelato. 😉

    I will definitely be a big YES for an future events you host-you did a phenomenal job!

  14. Thank you thank you for a fabulous party! The penthouse was amazing with all of the attention to detail and special touches that were clearly yours. I have passion fruit Ciao Bella in my freezer as I type this. I agree that I thought the combination of sponsors was very well put together. It was also a great combination of people and nice to be able to sit down and have real conversations.

    Hope to see you soon. I think I took some photos that I’ll send over.

  15. Oh my word…it looks like you did such a FANTASTIC job as hostess (to borrow your favorite word of the night)! I so wish I could’ve been there to cheer you on in your darling dress. Next year BlogHer is in San Diego…maybe you & I will have to throw a party together?! Or better yet – you throw the party/I’ll come. 😉

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