Children’s Parties – Bigger Not Always Better!

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Hosting children’s birthday parties can be a daunting task especially when you compare yourself to the neighbor who rented a petting zoo for the back yard, or the classmate who created a circus party with clowns, bouncy houses, and jugglers. Well, I’m going to give you permission to host simple, classic, and adorable parties at home, and you don’t need to break the bank to do it either!

#1 Savvy Birthday Tip:  Keep the guest list to a minimum, bigger is not always better!

As a party stylist specializing in smaller celebrations, I can tell you that children love smaller intimate parties just as much as large ones.  In fact smaller gatherings provide the atmosphere for your child to really stand out as the guest of honor, as well as be able to fully interact with each of his/her guests. A great rule of thumb is 1 guest for each year of life, so if your child is turning 6 you can have 5 or 6 guests (depending on whether or not you’re counting the birthday guy/gal in your formula). Personally I have found that 5 or 6 guests is a great number no matter the age.

Quality vs Quantity:

I recently hosted my own kid’s birthday parties, ages 8 and 10. Both parties had 5 kids total and it was loud, energetic, and wild!  The important thing is that my children were able to spend the time with those kids who are actually special to them, and the fact that it was “their” birthday wasn’t lost by 20 other kids going in different directions. Not to mention, as a parent, it was a lot more budget friendly!

If you have the funds to comfortably spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your child’s birthday, more power to you. But for most of the moms out there I’ll be sharing children’s party ideas in future posts with tips on décor and activities, and keeping one thing in mind…They will always be based on smaller, rather than larger, affairs. Cheers!

*Have you ever been to a Birthday Party that was so over the top it made you uncomfortable?

*Do you set a budget for your Birthday Parties?

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  1. I SO hear you! I think that a birthday party can be completely magical and fun for your child on a smaller-scale at home, without spending a lot of money. The idea is for your child to have fun with his or her friends and feel special. I have blogged a lot about this too… if you’d like to see the link:

    I am currently working on my soon-to-be 9 year old son’s Minute to Win It birthday party, which we will have for his 7 buddies (and our own crew of 6) in our basement. We selected the games this weekend from the NBC website… it is going to be great!

  2. Hi Andrea, It has been such a long time. Think of you often. We just had our son Oliver’s first birthday party this past weekend. I posted about it yesterday. Would love for you to come take a look!? xo Samantha

  3. I think the older kids get, and it sounds like 8 and 10 is a good age, the more they like to be with just a few of their good friends as opposed to half or all of the class. And I think you are right in saying that when the party size is a lot bigger, the birthday child can get lost in the dynamics of the bigger crowd. Small means it is very special and for the birthday boy or girl it really will be “their” day.

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