Birthday party goodie bags made to order!

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Planning a child’s birthday party can be stressful.  How many kids to have, what to do, how much to spend and let’s not forget filling those goodie bags.  I know some Moms that have opted out of giving goodie bags all together. {gasp!}  I don’t believe in the goodie bag boycott.  Come on, do you really want to be the Mom who has to look look at those chubby little faces at the end of the party and say “Nope, there isn’t any goodie bags, thanks for coming now get out!”  Those kids parents (your friends) are going to hear about it the whole way home, I promise.

If you limit the numer of guests than it should not be too expensive. Not to mention if you write out thank you cards ahead of time and attach them to the goodie bag then that is one less thing you have to do later.   I try not to give  a bag of crap and be mindful of not giving out choking hazards or  something that makes an annoying sound.  One year I just simply wrapped one small gift for each child to do something different, but they all looked at me confused, like “I don’t want a gift, I want a goodie bag!”  What’s a Mom to do…

Go Go Goodie is a website where you can buy pre-made goodie bags for girls, boys and even co-ed parties.  You can also have them customized to fit the theme of your party.  These goodie bags ar filled with quality toys that kids love.  I appreciate it when the goodie bag isn’t just a bag o’ crap.   You know the ones that don’t even make it into the house they are lost under the car seat before you even get home.   The girls at my daughter’s party LOVED what was inside their goodie bags!

What’s in the Bag?

Wacky Eraser Sets (which my daughter is obsessed with

Glow in the Dark Stars 

Pop Rocks Edible Science Experiement

Bubble Cell Phone Necklace


Savvy Sassy Suggests:  Perfect for family travel, airplanes, car rides and hotel rooms. You know, when you have a meltdown or “situation” on your hands all you need is a surprise goodie bag and situation is averted.

Go Go Goodie
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