The best place to stay in Las Vegas with Kids

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Viva Las Vegas with kids! I know some may say Vegas is no place for kids, but we have found a place that is actually uber kid friendly while still maintaining a sophisticated experience, The Red Rock Casino and Resort. Yup,  it’s off the strip – exactly!

If you’re like us we’ve been to Vegas enough times BK (Before Kids) to have seen and done it all, so taking my kids to walk around in 110 degree heat with large crowds is a major don’t in my book.  It’s torture for kids to walk past the bright shiny machines they can’t touch, could be costly to take them inside stores that have $5,000 watches, and may be dangerous to walk past the drunk college kids and women in their underwear.  As exciting as that all sounds, they’d be bored silly and impossible to contain – so I say skip the strip!

We’ve stayed at The Red Rock Hotel and Casino twice with our kids and both times we found ourselves happily lounging poolside having a fantastic time!  Even though I say this is a super kid friendly hotel, that doesn’t mean clowns are running around handing out balloons, it is still ultra hip, modern and a very classy resort.  If you have young children who are just learning to swim this is a perfect pool.

My top 10 reasons why the Red Rock Casino and Resort in Las Vegas is perfect for Families!

1.  The pool is perfect for kids, it has a gradual shallow water entry and a center platform with waterfall for the kids to jump off.  Flotation devices and water toys are allowed.
2.  There are a variety of other pools for adults to escape and relax away from all the crazy kids.
3.  Kids Quest a drop off child care facility that you can drop your kids off for up to 4 hours, you pay per hour and be sure to bring a copy of immunizations or fax them in before you leave.
4.  Starbucks and a food court for fast and easy child friendly dining.
5.  Movie theatre , Arcade and Bowling Alley for when you are sick of the sun.
6.  The bars and lounges are all upscale and classy, so it reminds you that you are still an adult on vacation.
7.  The rooms are decorated with modern decor, the bathrooms are huge and includes a TV in the TUB – your kids will love it!
8.  Service by the pool is prompt and friendly.  You cannot bring in any of your own food or beverages, however there is a little store with snacks, soda, sunscreen and other pool essentials you might have forgot.
9.  The casino isn’t over run by the MTV college crowd.
10. A variety of restaurants to choose from and the burger joint LBS had one of the best burgers I’ve ever sunk my teeth into!

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  1. It’s great! My kids are still begging to go back!

  2. love love the picture of Hudson in the big bed!!!!

  3. My sister stays at Red Rock when they visit Vegas with her wee ones. She enthusiastically agrees. 🙂

  4. The Red Rock is a fun resort – when we went in ’07 or ’08, they had a movie theater and bowling alley, and the quality of the room was higher than you’d have found on the strip at the same price back then. With that said, we had 2 experiences there that stopped me going back. My daughter was about 4 if I recall correctly, and she pinched her finger in the bowling alley and it was bleeding – they didn’t have a first aid kit in the bowling alley, which amazed me. We also tried to leave her for an hour at Kids Quest but they had to call us to pick her up after 15 minutes. She’d tried to join in with a group of older kids who started being mean to her and she got slapped. I will say that our room was beautiful and I liked the fact that it was off the strip.

    We’re actually on our way back from Vegas right now and though my kids are 2 and 7, we had a wonderful time. As with any other vacation place, just stick to child appropriate places and locations and don’t push them too hard or everyone will suffer. 🙂

  5. ya know – I do remember some ‘mean kid’ stuff at kid’s quest one time, too … but ya can’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Your other options are getting a local nanny from a babysitter service that seems like all the sitters are ex “bunny ranch” workers

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