What no one ever told me, about motherhood.

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Motherhood is it’s own special journey in life. There are many wonderful parts of being a mother and there are also the more challenging things that crop up from time to time. For those of you starting this adventure for the first time, I hit up my seasoned Moms for some reflection on “What No One Ever Told Me” about motherhood – the good, the bad, the ugly…

No One Ever Told Me…

1.) Don’t underestimate the “You’re forever responsible for another human life” ~ like for real. It seems obvious, but you dont understand the power until youre in it. ~ Liz

2.) The first child does not prepare you for future children… each child is so different that if it worked for the first, chances are it won’t for any future ones. Oh, and somehow being a stay-at-home Mom doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have time to get stuff done around the house or workout consistently without sacrificing even more sleep. ~ Heather Lee

3.) When you’re 24 year old self is sitting in Starbucks complaining about how tired you are from partying all night, that 30 year old mom with two kids next to you, she’s desperately trying not to stand up, walk over and smack you in the face. You don’t know tired. ~Jen E.

4.) They don’t learn to wipe their butts until years after they have been potty trained. Something as simple as a ponytail could ruin an entire day. Elastic is the enemy. Disney Channel is the savior. Children are at all times inherently smarter than we could ever comprehend. Manipulation begins the minute they exit the womb. No matter what you think a 2 year old will not enjoy Disney World. Parenting – It’s hard, like for real. Not just everyone tells you it’s hard and you think it will be hard – it’s really hard, really really hard. Childbirth is a fun night out compared to motherhood – be prepared. Deep breaths, wine, friends, and family are absolute necessities.
~ Meredith L.

5.) How bad it hurts when your child hurts and how you would move heaven and earth to make your child feel better! ~Jennifer M.

6.) Sleep, showering and brushing your teeth are privileges awarded to only people without children ~ Lynette

7.) I wish I would have taken more time to travel. ~ Heather R. @ThetaMom

8.) I wish I’d known how much patience it would take. ~Becky @asideofrice

9.) I wish I’d known about the sleep deprivation. @iMommy

10.) When your baby becomes a toddler you need secure waistbands on your pants so the little ones don’t panse you all the time. @DanaMacario

What I get from these words shared by friends, readers and my twitter pals is that Motherhood takes resiliency and patience. I agree with these sentiments. Additionally, as a mother to three myself I have realized just how much love was missing from my life before kids. Sure, it can be hard and there are days when I feel like I’m running on empty. But the rewards really and truly outweigh that occasional empty tank.

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  1. I love this post! Having 6 kids, I’m very familiar with the items on the list! Thank you for sharing!

  2. No one told me that my mornings would be so chaotic! I mean no one tells you that getting them to eat, dressed, teeth brushed and looking decent will take so much patience and negotiation skills!

  3. Hi everyone,

    These are awesome!!! I actually published a book titled the very exact thing, “What No One Ever Told Me About Motherhood” back in 2009. Check it out, http://www.mirandalobs.com. There’s a TON more where this came from

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