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Daily deals, daily deals, daily deals!  We get it.  Not sure about you but holey moley, there are A LOT of daily deal sites popping up.  It seems there is a new one everyday.  Are they crowding your inbox?  I may have to just get a special e-mail account for all of these daily deal shopping websites.   Talk about peer pressure to buy people!  I mean are you suppose to keep track of your favorites and what you buy?
Well, guess what you daily deal shopping addicts – there is a website for that and it’s called Itemize.
Itemize is the first ever personal shopping agent – you can think of it as your favorite stylist, deal diva girlfriend and organized sister all wrapped into one site and personalized just for you! It is a unique service that finds highly relevant, timely sales, deals and private offers based on your individual shopping preferences and history. And we’re talking deals from the people you love like GAP, zulily, and Gilt Group to name a few (it is truly one stop deal shopping).  They also help track and organize your past purchases in a private, secure location.  If you have shopping amnesia like us and can’t remember what you bought yesterday, this will be right up your alley!
Five reasons savvy moms will love Itemize:
1)  Saves time and money by finding the best deals for YOU
2)  Organizes your online purchase receipts all in one place
3)  Provides insight into your shopping habits and patterns
4)  Puts the joy back in shopping
5)  You no longer need to search through every deal, sale and offer email to find what’s relevant to you!

Signing up is super easy.  To see your deals, just choose your favorite shopping categories and you’ll be good to go!

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  1. Hi Andrea, I found you on Twitter, ooh, a deal diva girlfriend? Haha, sounds good if it saves money and time. Have a great day!

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