A six year old boys idea of fashion

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Last night I was on the couch relaxing with my glass of wine and decided to cruise Polyvore and make a fashion collage. My son was crawling all over me and trying to figure out what I was doing. As I was making a kids fashion collage he started to tell me where to move things, and then as I went to title the collage he actually gave me a great name for it. So, I asked him if he wanted to make one. He of course said YES! So I asked him what he liked.  As we were searching for things he laughed at the silly objects, half naked people and the images of underwear.

Eventually these were his requirements; a skateboard, a hat, candy, underwear and the spongebob gift set.  He approved of all the other things that I picked out.  When naming his board, at first he wanted to call it “Boys Rock” but then shouted “Hudsonator”.  (His Dad calls him that)  This might be my favorite fashion board ever.  Love it.


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