A Neon Summer

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I’m sure it doesn’t escape you that neon is back. Not your 1984 neon, but 2012 neon. This summer is full of neon, and most of all nail polish.

The place where neon hit BIG is in nail polish, and it is so much fun. It reminds me of when I was a kid. Oh how I loved my neon pink earrings. Then of course there was the neon yellow scrunchy socks I loved. I’m aging myself, so I’ll continue.

Needless to say fueled by my need to hold on to my youth I decided to compile a list of my favorite neon nail polishes, and here they are:

Neon Summer

1. I’m a huge lover of Radioactive by Pop Beauty, because it’s not a flat color it’s a shimmer color. This means it has a little bit of “sparkle” in addition to the neon color. This one definitely stands out in the green crowd.

2. If you’re looking for a perfect bubble gum pink nail polish then look no further then Essie’s Cascade Cool. It looks like a color Barbie would wear, yet I love it. Maybe, that’s a sign it brings out the little girl in me.

3. Thankfully SEPHORA by OPI Neon Lights  has the option to buy the entire collection, because choosing from those colors is really hard. I love every single color. Some could say this is all you need to have a neon summer. I would never say that though, because I believe there’s always room for another {insert name of any beauty product}.

4. I’ve been dying to try one of Nails, Inc. nail polishes, but haven’t yet. Then I saw Notting Hill Gate from the neon collection, and I fell in love. This color is neon, but not the neon pink we’re used to. It’s almost a raspberry color, which is what I love about it the most.

5. You can’t resist the Totally 80′s yellow from Milani’s Neon line. It’s neon yellow. I need not continue, I think you understand the love.

My question for you is are you loving the neon nail polish as much as I am? If so, tell me your fave.

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