5 Snack Recipes That Are Better Homemade

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Have you tried out any Weelicious recipes from our #weePLAN series with Project Junior yet? Don’t worry if you missed it because you can still view week one: Pantry Staples and week two: Making Great Leftovers on the blog.

This week we’re talking about every kids favorite time of the day – snack time! Prepackaged foods are so easy to purchase and throw in school lunch or take in your purse for on-the-go snacks, but have you looked at those labels lately? They’re full of preservatives and ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Plus, they’re usually far more expensive than you’d rather spend on snacks.

Get ready, because Catherine McCord from Weelicious is going to show you how to make your own home made snack recipes that are full of wholesome ingredients, foods you love, and are easy to make at home!

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Granola Bars

These Chocolate Chip Granola Bars are unbelievably delicious and, if you wrap them individually, just as easy to grab when you’re on-the-go as the ones you buy at the market (plus, you’ll have no problem pronouncing all of the ingredients in these). But the best part? This recipe makes 30 bars. Most pre-packaged bars will run you a dollar or more. That would come out to about $30 (!) compared to the less than $4 it costs to make this recipe (and don’t forget the time you’ll also save not having to go to the grocery store).


Berry Green Smoothie

You might think that little ones would be thrown by the idea of combining fruits and green veggies to make a smoothie, but I’m finding my kids experience to be the complete opposite. To them it seems totally natural (and when you think about it, why shouldn’t it?). They get a thrill out of coming up with new combinations every day, like this Berry Green Smoothie. If anyone in your family is spinach averse, they’ll never detect it in today’s recipe, a thick purple shake which tastes of sweet bananas and berries.


Whole Wheat Cheddar Crackers

Goldfish are one of those “easy” foods that most people keep in the pantry for their kids. And why not? They’re delicious. But they are also high in sodium, low in fiber and feature some unneeded empty ingredients like sugar. For what is such a simple food, making your own homemade version is so much better, especially when you use whole wheat flour, which ups the fiber content and is far more nutritious than refined.


Vanilla Cinnamon Pudding

I made vanilla pudding out of a box for years until I realized a) what was in most boxed brands and b) just how simple it is to make homemade. After years of playing around with my recipe I ended up with this luscious version made with vanilla and cinnamon. I promise that it will totally knock your socks off.

Weelicious Homemade Hummus Recipe


You can always find hummus in my fridge. It’s easy to make and stays fresh for over a week, so I don’t have to worry about having a healthy protein on hand that I know my kids love (even though it will probably all be eaten up before a week is up). Whether I’m serving it as a dip with veggies, as a spread on a sandwich or even just to eat with a spoon straight out of a bowl (Chloe’s preferred method), hummus is a recipe that’s simple to prepare but packed with flavor!

Try these three flavors: Red Bean White Bean Hummus, Cheesy Green Hummus and Sun Dried Tomato Basil Hummus


If you have multiple kids or are headed out for a play date, be sure to label everything with Mabel’s Labels, to ensure all your snack containers go to the right kid and make their way back home.

Ready to get started? Grab you kids and start cooking up a storm! Have fun making yummy snacks and lifelong memories together! Also, be sure to share with us how your snack turned out!

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Recipes and tips by Catherine McCord. Catherine posts new family-friendly recipes and videos every week on Weelicious. She is also creator of Weelicious Menus, a meal planning service that helps busy families make dinner easier.


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