10 Travel Tips for a Distraction Free Summer Vacation

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Our kids are only 4 and 6 but even they are already showing signs of TDD, technology distraction disorder.  Well, it doesn’t really surprise me because my husband and I have it too!  We both work online and from home, our computers and phones are our lifeline, and when we  travel we tend to call them Work-cations.  I don’t think we can really get away from it “all” but I do think there are some things you can do to set boundaries and limits when taking that family vacation this summer.
Here are some helpful tips and tricks for really disconnecting and not missing a single moment!

1.  Only allow e-mail to be checked once a day and only respond if it is urgent.  If you have teens allow the kids check theirs every other day.

2.  Set up outgoing messages on your cell phone and auto responder e-mails saying how long you will be gone and when they can expect you to return their phone call or e-mail.

3.  Decide before you go if this is a work free vacation, or a work-cation and set limits and expectations of how much work will need to be done alongside the vacation.

4.  Schedule a block of time in the morning or at night to write, blog, or get online and limit yourself to the specific alloted time.

5.  Stay at a hotel that doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi Internet access, make it less convenient.  Or make a commitment not to pay for Internet while on vacation.

6.  Set up a area in the room for all the electronics.  Do not have them scattered around the hotel room or car.  Out of Sight out of Mind!

7.   Only allow charging the electronic devices at night while you sleep, if someone is using their phone, laptop, ipod, etc.. all day and needs to re-charge by 3 pm – they’re out of luck.

8.  Put all phones in the trunk of the car, and the kids can check their phones at every rest stop/bathroom break.  They can read books, magazines or have a conversation with you!

9.  When you are out sightseeing for the day only bring one phone (for emergency) the rest can stay back at the hotel.

10.  Try to remember that most things can wait, these are memories you do not want to miss out on.  Spending this quality time with your kids and your spouse is irreplaceable, twitter can wait!


*This post was written by me last year and published on Have Kids Still Travel, but I thought it was savvy enough to share with all of you here on Savvy Sassy Moms.  These tips have worked for our family so I am happy to pass them along.

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