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10 gifts any new mom will love

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Let’s face it, whether it’s your first rodeo or baby #5, the early days with a new baby are magical — but also exhausting. Every new mom and birth circumstance is different, so be sure to use judgment, especially with gift delivery, but we’ve pulled together some ideas that are sure to brighten her day.

Make a meal

One of the easiest ways to make a new mom’s day: bring a complete meal that can easily be warmed up. Bring your meal in a disposable serving dish, so the new mom doesn’t need to worry about dishes. With the family’s permission, you may also want to set up a Meal Train to schedule deliveries with other friends. We loved it when someone set up this lifesaver for us with our third son.

Gift of groceries

Stop by your local health food store and pick up some basic groceries and easy no-prep snacks. Things like trail-mix, cut veggies & hummus or fruit salad are great choices.  Also if you know the mom is nursing perhaps consider snacks that have oatmeal like these energy balls.

gifts for new moms

A house cleaning service

Deep cleaning the house always seems to fall by the wayside with a new baby in the house. What a treat to have someone come in and help get it done. A home cleaning is a great gift whether you are near or far. Look for a highly rated, reliable company and get the family a certificate to set up the cleaning when it works for them.

Pampering products for mom

With a new baby in the house, even thinking about self-care seems hard. Consider making the new mom a care package of items to help make her feel good or encourage her to take a small break. Aromatherapy hot packs like these Grampa’s Garden warmers are great to have on hand. A great natural hand lotion or salve combats the extra hand washing you do with a new baby. I love this Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve or this Hand Cream from Five Island Body Co. It may seem silly, but these portable massage tools can also be a good addition, I remember many nights falling asleep in the rocking chair with a crooked neck. Top the goodie basket off with some fun magazines and dark chocolate for the complete package.

 gifts for new moms
Trip to nearby spa with babysitting included

Every new mom deserves some pampering. Find a spa that’s close to home so she feels comfortable sneaking out, even for a short window. Give her a little encouragement and let her know you’ll gladly be the babysitter when she’s ready.


Most new moms are fueled by coffee, so you can’t go wrong with this one. Pick up a really cute travel mug and give her a little gift card to Starbucks or her favorite neighborhood coffee shop. Look for one with a drive-thru!

Something sentimental

While the birth of a child introduces you to a whole new level of tired, above all else it such a blessing and shows you a whole new kind of love. A gift that helps mom celebrate this amazing experience and new little being may bring a few tears but will also likely be one of her favorites.  We love a necklace like this from Tiny Tags or a newborn or family photography session with a local photographer.

gifts for new moms

Hulu+ Membership

If she doesn’t already have a streaming service, she’ll love having access to entertainment on any device and at any odd hour she finds herself awake. The beauty of Hulu+ is that she can watch most of her current favorites without having to worry about setting a DVR and can go to bed when baby does.

Gift of Prime

If she doesn’t already have Amazon Prime, I’d highly recommend gifting it to her. You can gift 3 or 12 month subscriptions, and I promise you it will be a huge hit. What’s better than having access just about everything you need for baby and quick shipping? Not having to drag baby out of the house is huge!  If they already have a membership, perhaps consider an Amazon or gift card.

What was the best thing you received as a new mom? Or what is your go-to gift?

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