10 Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes

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Is there really anything cuter than babies and toddlers in Halloween costumes? I think not. With babies, your costume options are limited since they pretty much just sit around, but with toddlers, a whole new world of fun opens up. Check out these 10 to-die-for toddler costumes.

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Drink Your Donut Costume – So sweet, and so darn cute!

Knight Costume – Imagine the most adorable knight in shining armor you ever did see…

Flower Gnome Costume – Come on, you’re killing me all this cuteness. And who doesn’t love a little gnome?

Ketchup Costume – If you’re looking for something a little quirky and funny for your little one this Halloween, look no further! A packet of ketchup has never looked so yummy!

Sushi Costume – The sweetest sushi you’ll ever have… guaranteed!

“Where the Wild Things Are” Max Costume – I always admire this costume when I see it. Whimsical, furry and cute – three pluses for toddler costumes in my book.

Little Lamb Costume – Does it get any sweeter than this?! Dress yourself up as Little Bo Peep and you’ve got a whole family ensemble all ready!

Marshmallow Man Costume – Ack! There’s a marshmallow costume for little kids?! For those of us that grew up in the Ghostbusters era, this nostalgic costume is a must-have.

Nibbles the Mouse Costume – Here’s one mouse no one will want to run away from.

Pebbles Costume – Every year I want to dress Little Miss like Pebbles from The Flinstones, and never get around to it – this may just be the year.

What will your toddler be dressed like this Halloween?




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  1. Why oh why can’t I get my kids to wear these cute costumes!! We are going on our second year as ninjas. These are so adorable!

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