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Zooligans shoes for kids

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Zooligans boots With colder weather approaching, I’ve been on the lookout for some cute and stylish boots for my daughter. Of course the main idea is that they keep her little toes warm — but I always enjoy finding boots with a little bit more pizazz than usual! Kids definitely enjoy that aspect of clothing as well, and you can’t deny that Zooligans boots have all of the pizazz you and your children could want and more!


Zooligans shoes were created by long-time children’s shoe designer and former toy designer Joel Rusnak and his wife Cheryl Andonian. Together they created a playful line of shoes that would be both appealing to young children and parents alike. Children will love the adorable toy-like appearance, and parents can appreciate the high quality, fit and function of the shoes. You can expect each and every pair of shoes to be super comfortable and roomy with flexible bottoms and adjustable straps to make life easier for both kids and their parents!

Zooligans Sole

 I love that the soles of the shoes are made to accommodate growing feet. The four-way flexible sole (that looks like an animal paw!) provides extreme flexibility for a natural feel, yet gives maximum protection for little feet. Everything about the construction of the shoes is made to be as comfortable and supportive to growing little feet as possible. Besides — can’t you imagine how adorable it would be to see the trail of paw prints on the ground when your little one walks through a puddle or snow? I love their entire line of shoes, but considering the cooler weather is upon us, the boots are currently my focus. Take a look below at the adorable Zooligans boots for kids!

Zooligans Penguin Boots

“Tux the Penguin”

Zooligans Penny the Penguin

“Penny the Penguin”

Zooligans boots Palmoa pony

“Paloma the Pony”

Zooligans cat boot

“Kat the Kitty”

Zooligans boots are fun enough to excite any boy or girl, and practical enough to get the seal of approval from any mom. I love how bright, playful and unique the line is, and how they’re designed especially for growing little feet!

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