What to pack: Summer Travel Style

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Summer Travel Style

Summer vacation is coming and packing should not be stressful, which is why I am here to help! I love to travel and I love fashion so looking good and comfortable while traveling is important to me. There are plenty of ways to dress while on vacation that does not make you look like a tourist or scream Mom, so leave the khaki capris at home ladies.

Travel Light Ladies:  Overpacking and bringing your entire shoe collection is OUT. Opt for less is more and keep it casual. Most summer destinations will not require your fancy heels or a whole lot of jewelry.

Maxi Dresses & Swimsuits

These two items are the first things you should pack in your suitcase. A maxi dress is the easiest summer outfit on the planet but be careful not to over do it on the maxi dress and be sure to find the right length and fit for you  Pack two or maybe mix in a maxi skirt, and use our tips on 3 ways to wear a maxi skirt. These are perfect for day time and going to dinner at night.

Swimsuits are clearly a necessity for any summer vacation and I say pack two.If you will be doing a lot of water activities then pack maybe a sportier one and then one for lounging poolside. One piece swimsuits can be super flattering and still sexy so don’t feel pressure to sport a bikini if you’re just not feeling it.

Gladiator Sandals, Wedges & Flip Flops

Find some sandals and wedges that are a neutral color and can go with just about anything you pack. If you stick to my packing rule of packing things that can easily go with one another or are in a similar color palette, then this will make packing shoes very easy.  Wedges will make your legs look great with shorts and a flat pair of sandals are a must for walking around sightseeing. A pair of flip flops are a must for hanging out around the pool and hitting the beach.

Sunglasses, Hat & Carryall

Sunglasses are the most important summer accessory!  Not just for sun protection but to keep your make-up minimal.  Which is why having a hat is a must too, No one wants to spend an hour blow drying their hair for it to just wilt in the humidity. When you are not feeling a hat, try these 5 easy hair buns for Moms. Find a handbag that is a great carryall, one large enough to hold your camera, phone, chargers, water bottle, small snacks and sunscreen.

Flowy Tank Tops & Tunics

Loose fitting tank tops look good with denim shorts and boyfriend jeans, they are casual yet cool. When you are traveling with kids the last thing you want is for tight and restricted clothing to be creeping up on you as you move around.  These tanks also make you feel like you can eat that extra scoop of ice cream;) Tunics can be a great way to dress up jeans at night and if you find one long enough it can double as a pool coverup.

Denim shorts & boyfriend jeans

Not all of us are blessed with Giesele’s legs, so if you are more comfortable wearing boyfriend jeans then go for it. Boyfriend jeans are loose and comfortable the more you wear them, which is why they are great for traveling.

Light weight scarf

A scarf is a traveling must have, doesn’t matter where you are going, always bring a scarf. Scarves are great for the chilly flight and dressing up a tank top at night, but they also make for a great sarong if it is large enough. A scarf is also a great souvenir from your trip, you’ll always remember where you got it.

What did I miss ladies?


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