Greatest love stories of all time

Watch the top 5 love stories of all time

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Love is in the (summer) air

Summer is the perfect time to revisit the best love stories of all time. The air is steamy, the nights are long and movie marathons mean you can get your summer lovin’ fix whenever the mood strikes. Of course, there are new love stories joining our favorites all the time, like this summer’s The Fault in Our Stars, the film adaptation of John Green’s sensational young adult novel. There’s a love story for every mood, and we’ve rounded up our favorites.

Pride and Prejudice - Greatest love stories

Reminisce about your semester as an English lit major with Pride and Prejudice

Internet dating has nothing on the matchmaking skills of Jane Austen. Brit Lit’s reigning queen of drawing room drama created heroines who don’t need love — until it becomes the one thing they can’t live without. Pride and Prejudice has all of the intrigue and manipulations of one of the Real Housewives shows — with a much more restrained wardrobe. There are several versions of the classic love story, but we adore watching Colin Firth bring Mr. Darcy’s shenanigans to life and win the heart of the reluctant Elizabeth Bennet.

Greatest love stories of all time

Introduce your kids to the cult classic The Princess Bride

Among the quirky quotes that fill The Princess Bride lurks the promise of the truest of loves. The love story of Westley and Buttercup is the thread weaving through sword fights, battles of mental toughness and one of Billy Crystal’s funniest performances. The sweet, innocent story is blood-free enough for young kids but has more than enough action to keep them entertained while you relive this cult classic love story.

Greatest love stories of all time
We dare you not to sing along with Grease

Grease holds the record for the most innuendos found on an 8-track, warnings about why high school graduation is important and the ultimate message that love on the beach can transcend even the most glaring physical differences. Go back to high school — even if your own experience happened decades later — with the love story between Danny and Sandy.

Greatest love stories of all time

Sultry, steamy summer love

Dirty Dancing has the intoxicating ingredients for the steamy love story — first love, forbidden partners and the sultry heat of an after-hours dance floor. As this summer’s temperatures creep higher and higher, take a summer vacation back to the 1960s and relive Johnny and Baby’s love story.

Greatest love stories of all time

This summer’s highly-anticipated film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars captured the hearts of readers last year, and this summer Hazel, Gus and their unconventional love story are coming to big screens around the country. She lugs around an oxygen tank, he makes jokes about his prosthetic leg and their disdain for the ordinary catapults the love story of these teens into the stratosphere as one of film’s greatest love stories.

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