Vaseline Jelly

Vaseline jelly can get you ready for spring

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Vaseline Jelly

Winter air and dry skin

Record low temperatures swept the country this winter. Spring inches closer on the calendar, but many areas of the country are still knee deep — or more — in snow and blustery temperatures. I’m using my nighttime face cream during the day and doing everything I can to keep my skin moisturized. During a recent night out, I pulled on tights and cringed. Months of heavy socks, boots, and treadmill runs have left my feet far from sandal-ready.

Vaseline Jelly can heal your heels — and your hands

Years ago, my grandmother told me one of her simplest skin care secrets — Vaseline and socks. She swore Vaseline on your feet before bed — covered in socks so you didn’t get the sheets messy — would make a difference in a single night. She recommended it for hands, too, and this is the winter to try it! She’s not the first person to recommend the benefits of Vaseline.

Discovered in 1870, Vaseline Jelly is the original dry skin healer, and to this day it still effectively locks in moisture to deeply heal dry skin. No matter which pair of gloves I pull on each day, my hands have continued to get rougher and drier. Many lotions have a high water content — look at the ingredient list and see if water is one of the first few ingredients — so they evaporate almost immediately in this kind of weather, leaving my hands even more susceptible to the frigid air. Vaseline doesn’t simply make your skin feel moisturized until the cold air hits it again — it heals your cracked, brittle skin.

Why you should try Vaseline Jelly for your hands

Temperatures are getting warmer, and you won’t be able to hide your dry skin under gloves for much longer. A little TLC for your fingers and toes will make it more fun to start playing with spring nail polish colors and open-toed sandals. Freshly painted nails look even prettier against soft skin, and Vaseline will make sure your hands are ready. Vaseline is triple purified, so you can feel safe using it on your skin anytime it starts to feel dry. Keep a jar in your bathroom — check out the suggested uses for all sorts of beauty benefits

Have you ever used Vaseline as a moisturizer?


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