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Spring Break boredom busters

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spring break
Staying home for Spring Break

Spring break conjures ideas of packing lists and beach trips, but staying home during school vacations has its benefits. You can take day trips around your own city — or state — or take a few days to lounge in pajamas. For some families, the opportunity to relax a little in the middle of a school year filled with homework, sports, and activities is a gift. Inevitably kids get tired of relaxing and want a little something different to do. We’ve got a few ideas for spring break activities that will keep your kids — and you — smiling.

Plan a day to craft with kids

Crafting with your kids keeps them entertained and can help develop fine motor skills. Many crafts involve fine motor skills like pinching objects or using scissors, and kids love having the opportunity to create things. Keep a craft kit tucked away for a day when regular crayons and watercolors don’t seem exciting anymore. The American Girl Owls Sew and Stuff Kit has the materials to craft small toys, one for the crafter and one for the crafter’s doll (Amazon, $12). The kit comes with everything you need and includes simple, photo-based instructions.

spring break activities

Tour your town

Take this opportunity to be a tourist in your own town. Check out library bulletins for special events like story times or movie nights. Visit a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. Look into local museums and see if any of them are running special exhibits. Think about what you’d recommend as entertaining for someone visiting your city for the first time, and pick out a few of those things to do yourself. It’s amazing how much we can overlook when we drive past the same things each day.

Try a half-sleepover

Kids love the idea of slumber parties, but younger children may not be ready to stay the night away from home. Meet your child in the middle with a “half sleepover.” Invite a few of your child’s favorite friends over for a “sleepover” without the sleeping-over part of the party. Kids can bring their pajamas and cuddly toys, even sleeping bags and pillows. Order pizza and get into sleepover mode: jammies, a dance party, and a movie with popcorn — use these cute popcorn boxes for individual servings (Amazon, $7 for 12). Arrange a good time with parents to pick up their kids around the time they’ll start yawning, and everyone will enjoy the fun parts of the party while still sleeping in the comfort of their own homes.

spring break

Plunder your Pinterest boards

Most of us go through “pinning” periods — times when we find a bunch of beautiful pins we know we need to try. And then we let those pins languish to the bottom of our favorite boards. The next time your kids talk about not having anything to do, pull up Pinterest and find a pin that looks fun. We found some fabulous indoor activities that use tons of items you likely have at home. For even more ideas, check out the Savvy Sassy Moms “Kids” Board.

Hand over control to your kids

Complaints of boredom often come without solutions, and those days can mean that none of your suggestions will sound fun. Hand your kids a notebook and have them list things they’d like to do. After vetting their responses and removing the impossible — buy a pony and a trip to Mars are probably better saved for another time — stick their ideas in a jar and let one of them choose blindly. Then do the activity with a smile, thankful to have the chance to make a few memories close to home.

Do you generally stay home or travel during Spring Break?

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