Easy kid's make-your-own snack mix

Make your own kid’s snack mixes

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kids' snack mixA make-your-own kids’ snack mix bar is the perfect solution to boring snacks. This is perfect to set out for a play date or any other snack time. It helps get your kids involved in what they are eating and is a great way to start helping them learn about foods and a healthier diet. 

Grab some yummy and healthy options and let your kids make them in to a snack mixSnack mixes can be sweet or savory

Simply set out some of your kid’s favorite snacks and mix in some healthier options too. They are free to pick and choose and create a mix that is specific to their likes. While some cereals are super sugary, others have more health benefits. Mixing them in with things like dark chocolate and  dried fruits helps them to be more appealing to the kids. Don’t forget to add in some salty snacks too.  Pretzels and seeds add great crunch and bring a savory counterpart to the sweeter options.

The possibilities for these snack mixes are virtually endless. Cutting up fresh fruit and mixing it with dark chocolate and seeds would be a super yummy way to get your child to eat more fresh fruit.  Looking to get your kid to stop eating gummy snacks? Dried fruit is naturally sweet and chewy without all the chemicals. These are also a great way to introduce newer tastes to your kids, like coconut.

Let kids mix up their own snack mixes for after school or any time.Get kids involved in food prep

This doesn’t take much effort on your part and it gets the kids involved in snack time. I have found that when my kids help to make their snack, they are more likely to actually eat it.  You can have the kids make their snack one snack at a time or make a bunch and keep it in  a labeled mason jar for several snacks.

DIY kid's snack mix they can make themselves.Trust me, kids love to make their own snack mixes.  This is also a great food idea for your next kid’s party!

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