Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Sweets

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Valentine’s Day Treats for Your Sweet

Ah Valentine’s Day – where eating sugary sweet chocolately, pink, red and white treats is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.  And, as a self-proclaimed semi-professional baker (meaning most of the time my creations come out “okay”), I took it upon myself to collect the best of the best Valentine’s Day dessert ideas from around the web. I’ll be trying out a few in the coming week. What about you?

Photo courtesy of Hungry Happenings 

Valentine’s Day Cheesecake Hearts

I Heart U.  Will U B Mine? Call Me L8R. These all taste better in cheesecake form. Try out this tasty recipe for cheesecake hearts reminiscent of the candy conversation hearts we loved so much as kids.

Red, Pink and White Jell-O Pops

This dessert has it all – tri-colored creamy goodness in the form of a Jell-O Pop. These little guys are as delicious as they are low calorie. Plus kids love eating things on a stick. Perfect right?