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Travel gear for babies and toddlers

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travel gear for babies and toddlers

Clockwise from top left corner: Inglesina Portable High Chair, Cozy Car Seat Sun and Bug Cover, Bumbleride Flite Stroller, Itzy Ritzy Arm Wrap and Tummy Time Mat, Skip Hop Rolling Backpack, Baby Bjorn Travel Crib, Zoli Snack Containers, AjoBebe Portable Changing Pad, Travel Tot Childproofing Kit, CARES Safety Harness, Califone Toddler Headphones, Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

We can likely all agree that traveling with kids typically requires way more stuff than you ever imagined. But with a few must-have items and travel gear for babies and toddlers to make life easier, being on-the-go with kids can be a breeze!

Feeding Supplies

Portable High Chair – Portable high chairs like the Inglesina Fast Table are ingenious space savers. Ours came in  handy when we traveled to Boston and NYC, where tiny restaurants made it difficult to squeeze in a traditional high chair, or didn’t offer high chairs at all. This chair folds up so small it easily fits into a backpack and screws onto most tables.

inglesina fast table

Snack Containers – As seasoned parents know, one key to successfully going anywhere with kids is snacks, snacks and more snacks. These stackable Zoli ones are awesome because you don’t have to carry around 4 different containers on the plane to carry various types of food.

Getting Around

Lightweight Stroller – You’ll want to invest in one of these if you plan on traveling with your kids. We’ve lugged the full-size version around and it isn’t pretty. And lest you be tempted to not bring a stroller at all, remember that carrying 20-something pounds of toddler starts to feel real heavy real fast. The Bumbleride Flite offer both style and function.

Baby Carrier – Baby carriers like the Beco Gemini (which we love because Baby can front face if she wants) are a godsend when traveling. Not only can you wear Baby through airport security, it’s great for keeping them secure once you’re on the plane, or walking around at your destination so you can keep your hands free.

Cozy sun and bug cover

Cozy Car Seat Sun and Bug Shade – I love this product because there’s nothing worse than strolling around in some lovely city attempting to sightsee while Baby screams and can’t fall asleep because of the bright sun in their face. And if it’s the time of year where bugs abound, there’s a second mesh layer underneath that Baby can see out through, but bugs can’t get in. Can you even tell there’s a sleeping baby in there?

CARES Safety Harness – This ingenious way to safely secure that squirmy Baby or Toddler to the plane seat, is also the only FAA-approved child flying safety device.

Other Helpful Gear

Portable Changing Pad – Airplane bathrooms are gross enough as it is (as are many public ones) so having your own changing pad is essential. This gray and white chevron pad from Etsy shop Ajo.Bebe fits the savvy sassy mom bill.

Travel Tot Childproofing Kit – This handy kit packs all the basic childproofing necessities in one easy-to-transport package, so you don’t have to be terrified that your newly crawling baby is going to stick a finger in every socket in the hotel room.

Travel Crib – Unless Baby is used to sleeping in bed with you, you’ll want to bring a travel crib. If you’ll to be a frequent traveler, it’s worth it to invest in a super light one like the Baby Bjorn version.


Arm Wrap and Tummy Time Mat – We LOVE this product and have brought it with us on several trips already. This super soft tummy time mat rolls up compactly and can even be attached to the handle of your infant car seat making a) carrying it easier on your arm and b) one less thing to have to pack away. It even has a little mirror for Baby to amuse themself with.

Rolling Backpack – If your toddler is in the “I want to do it!” stage, he’ll love being able to help by packing all their goodies in their own bag and proudly rolling it around.

Toddler Headphones – These are adorable and awesome for travel. If you want your toddler to be able to play games or watch shows on the flight, make sure to pack their own headphones. Not only will these fit perfectly over their little heads, but the volume only reaches a certain maximum decibel which is crucial for protecting sensitive little ears. Califone makes adorable animal headphones we’re sure your toddler will flip for.

Is there any other must-have travel gear for babies and toddlers that I missed? Do share!



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