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Get dressed! Tips on dressing for a family photo

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Guest post by Jessica Mefford

family photo clothing

Tis the season as they say… for family photos! Is your family gearing up to take their best shot, whether for the annual holiday card or to place over the mantel? Find your family style and let your personalities shine through in your family photo clothing.

family photo clothing
For the casual family

Does your family vibe ring mostly laid-back and casual? Consider the clothes that convey that feeling — from the littlest kid to Mom and Dad. Think cableknit sweaters, jeans, boots and anything that you feel comfortable in and feel defines your family. You could also go for a matching photo, where everyone wears jeans and similarly-patterned cableknit sweaters — but this probably only works with younger children. Try getting your teens to dress up in family matching attire and you will get at least an eye roll.

family photo clothing
Uber-cool family

Is your family a bit beyond traditional casual, each member having his or her own “cool” vibe? The blue and green colors in this group play nicely together and give off a relaxed feeling while still being a bit more dressed-up than casual. Mixing patterns that complement each other is another cool way each family member can throw in personality, yet still blend with the rest of the family.

family photo clothing
Holiday cheer

Does your family love to dress up, show their style and kick the holidays into high-gear? Take it up a notch and go more glam for your family pictures this year. Everyone can add their own flair, from sequins to red shoes — and even the teenagers will be happy.

One of the best things about taking family pictures is how much you will enjoy them as your family grows! Time and money spent now is an investment you won’t regret later.


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