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My daughter and I attended the World Premiere of the Nutcracker in 3d at The Grove here in Los Angeles, it was a night out for just us girls.  I get invited to a lot of events and whenever I get dressed up to leave the house my daughter gets so sad and says “I want to go too, why can’t I go?”  So when an opportunity like this comes around it’s fun to tell her she gets to get dressed up and go too!

On the car ride over my daughter asked me “Do we get to sit in the front row because you’re “Sassy Sassy Moms?”  I laughed and said well yes we get reserved seats because of “Savvy Sassy Moms” then she said “Yeah, because the whole world knows about Sassy Sassy Moms!”  I tried myhardest to not break out in laughter, but it was nice to have someone think I’m important.   (please note: those are not typo’s,  she always says Sassy Sassy not Savvy Sassy and its so cute!)

We were also invited to be apart of the Red Carpet before the movie to see the celebrity arrivals and snap some photos and maybe snag an interview.  Once Elle Fanning hit the carpet the press went wild shouting “Elle, Elle, Over here Elle, Up here, Elle Elle” and light bulbs were flashing like crazy.  This is very entertaining itself, I wonder what it would be like to have people screaming my name and vying for all my attention…”Savvy, Sassy, Over here Savvy Sassy, up here, over here Savvy, Over here Sassy”…  Dispite the frenzy, Elle was very very poised and professional in a beautiful sparlky dress and headband.

If you have never been to a red carpet sevent this is what is sounds like when they are all trying to get the best shot!

It was fun to see  Caryn from RockinMama, Janice from 5 minutes For Mom, Angie from 7 Clown Circus and meet Tracy from Hollywood Mom Blog  and April from Cafe Mom.   We all had our blog names lined up on the Red Carpet showing us where our spots were, which was kinda fun to see, I mean I always imagined it on pink carpet, but it looked good on red too;)  Once in the theatre we were joined by the director Andrei Konchalovsky who gave a small introduction and thanked the actors that were there.  The movie began with no previews, which was avery nice perk!

Nutcracker 3D hits theatres November 24th 2011

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  1. Savvy you are already a celebrity to me! Cute post! You are def a bloggin’ celeb with all your fun invites of late, enjoy!

  2. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts of the movie after it opens to the public. I am going to the private screening in Chicago but not taking sassy kid who is only 3. Your video reinforces why I would NEVER want to be a celebrity. You must need medication to go a red carpet and have that many people screaming your name. It’s like that SNL skit with Jennifer Aniston!

    Have a sassy day from Chicago!!

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