The Duggar’s, who are we to judge?

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The Duggar Family, of the famed 19 Kids and Counting series on TLC are soon to be 20 Kids and Counting and that has the media world buzzing.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Duggar family expecting baby number 20 and they are not afraid to voice their opinions on how the Duggar’s choose to life their life.


A.) It’s a free country.

B.) The Duggar’s put their life out there for all to see and therefore comment on, so what’s the harm?

~ BUT ~

I’m not one who prefers to place judgement on another’s life choices. But that’s just me.

I honestly think that each individual person as well as their family should have the right to make their own decisions as to how to lead their life. If it is a choice that does not hurt another person or does not affect our already destitute economy – then why is it such a point of discontent?

I think judging others is harmful. Passing judgment without exclusive knowledge into the Duggar’s finances and everyday lifestyle is wrong. And even if you did have that exclusive access, I would still feel that it is their right, as a family to live as they prefer. Passing judgement on one’s faith, a faith that as the Duggar’s practice it is not harmful to others, is wrong.

I will admit that I am a Duggar Family watcher. But not from the angle of judgement. I am a mother to multiples and daughters to boot.

I need help!

I’m definitely not as conservative  nor as faith-based as the Duggar family, but I do feel there is so much the general public can learn from their example. Their children are respectful, work hard and work as a family to keep everything running smoothly. There is merit in that, regardless of faith.

Additionally,  Michelle Duggar and I are kindred in that we have lived the preemie journey. My twins were born at 28 weeks gestation,  two weeks after Josie Duggar who was born at 25 weeks. And while many have opinions as to why Michelle’s birth ended in the way that it did…there are no guarantees in pregnancy and birth. Period.

I am in my early 30’s and my first pregnancy was seamless outside of the predictable lengthy labor as a first time Mom. Overall, it was completely uneventful. And then… I was given twins…Mono-mono twins  (no fertility treatments folks…you know you were curious) to be more specific, which occurs in less than 1% of all twin pregnancies. I know, I’m one lucky Mama.  If their egg had split any later, I would have been a mother to conjoined twins.

My point in mentioning this? There are no guarantees in life and therefore judgement of others is not the answer.

If Michelle and Jim Bob want to have 20+ children, that is their right. I will admit that I feel completely overwhelmed at times by my twins who are hitting the “terrible twos” just a smidge too early, so I can’t fathom more right now, but I don’t begrudge them their path. They are not a burden on our public service (from what I have seen so far) and they are gracious, kind, thoughtful people. They give back to their community, they raise lovely children who are truly an example for the majority and through all their successes as well as the backlash that they have endured by putting their family out there on display, they remain humble and gracious. They live according to their beliefs and while those beliefs are more conservative than most, they do it in a way that is honorable.

Who are we to judge?

Do you find issue with their lifestyle of letting God guide their way?

Outside of faith, do you disagree with allowing a person in general to live their life as they see fit provided it does not impose on, nor hurt another person? 

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  1. Great post, I have to say I’ve got two kids. 5 yr old girl, 3 year old boy. I get stressed out with them, and I kid you not I think of the Dugger’s and how wonderful their family is.

    I never once judged them, it’s not up to me to judge them. I think they are a wonderful example to all people!


  2. I am so happy for the Duggars. I think that as long as they have the resources to to care for their family and their kids are happy and well adjusted no one should have anything negative to say about them.

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