Teacher appreciation gifts your teachers really want

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We send our kids to school each day into the hands of wonderful, caring people who are their teachers. We talk about how wonderful they are, we listen to our children talk about how much they love school, but do we ever take the time to let our children’s teachers know how much we truly appreciate what they do, day in and day out?

The month of May is Teacher Appreciation Month, with many schools celebrating the first week of May, making it the perfect time show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them! After speaking with many teachers, we came up with a few gifts of appreciation that all teachers will love.

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5 Teacher appreciation gift ideas… straight from teachers
1. A class-made book

Teachers love collaboration! As they are always emphasizing working together as a team, teachers would love the class to organize a recipe book where each child contributes their favorite recipe. Put them all together in a beautiful notebook like this one from Minted. We bet your child’s teacher can’t wait to try them all!

2. Wine glasses

At the end of a long week of  teaching, there is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine! Give your teacher these awesome wine glasses that say it like it is! (They make them for parents too!) We are sure this gift will be well received.

3. Personalized stationery

Personalized stationery created on beautiful paper is a chic way for your child’s teacher to send you a handwritten note from the classroom to let you know how wonderful your child has done on an activity! We love this beautiful stationery!

4. Gift cards

Gift cards are always useful and can be purchased for your local coffee shop, bookstore, movie theater or mall. Keep in mind — all teachers have different interests, so choose a gift card accordingly. Quizzing your child will probably help, as they often know their teacher’s hobbies and related interests.

5. Books

Purchasing books to add to the classroom library is every teacher’s ultimate gift as they are always adding to their already existing collection. Teachers love to read your child’s favorite storybook to the class. Offer to go into your child’s class for a special read-aloud that will allow the children (especially your own child!) to hear you read the book. Don’t forget to include a special note to the teacher inside the book to mark the occasion!

How are you celebrating your teachers this year?

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