Switching to Reusable Storage Bags

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Like you, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately. A LOT. Which has given me ample time to reorganize my kitchen (twice) and analyze my pantry staples, cooking habits, and food storage methods. And – Earth Day confession – here’s what I’ve found: I use more single-use plastic storage bags than I care to admit.

I’m good with reusable shopping bags (when I used to be able to bring them to stores). I’m good with no-waste school lunches thanks to Planetbox. It’s the plastic storage bags that get me! The ones that I throw half a lemon in, store an open pack of bacon in, or marinate chicken in for dinner. I’ve come to realize I use a lot of those bags, often for less than 48 hours! (cringe) I had to make a change – and thanks to the quarantine, I have had plenty of time to try out reusable storage bags.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to make the switch but now that I’ve moved to reusable storage bags, there’s no going back. I’ve been trying out reusable bags from Stasher and QuaLeap for the last few weeks. Here are 5 reasons you should give them a try too.

Easy on your Wallet

Switching to reusable storage bags makes economical sense. Buying a whole set of the QuaLeap storage bags in a variety of sizes that will last me years cost me about the same as buying 4-5 boxes of different sized plastic storage bags which would only last 2-3 months. Moving to reusable storage bags saves me money every single day!


How much you spend on your reusable storage bags can determine how durable they are. Stasher bags are made from platinum silicone and feel much thicker than my QuaLeap ones. Stasher bags are more expensive ($65 for a bundle of 7 bags vs $18 for a set of 10) but Stasher bags are freezer-safe, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and mind-bafflingly, oven-safe too. Some reusable storage bags even let you sous vide in them! The QuaLeap ones store items just as well but are hand-washable and shouldn’t be microwaved or put in the oven.


Yes, these bags work great for storing produce and leftovers. But we need to think outside the bag too. Marinating meat. Freezing homemade stock. Storing cereal. Stashing snacks in your purse. Holding vitamins. Organizing odds and ends. The possibilities are endless! I’ve loved having both traditional flat bags as well as “stand-up” bags that keep leftovers organized and produce easy to see in the fridge.

Easy to store

I know what some of you are thinking – why don’t you just wash and reuse plastic storage bags? And I have. But in addition to the hassle of drying the bags, storing re-used plastic bags was always a pain. And a mess. With reusable storage bags, they fold up nicely and store easily in a drawer.

Good for the Earth

A single reusable storage bag can be re-used hundreds or even thousands of times. It’s a no-brainer! Mother Earth says thank you (and also, what took you so long!) 🌎

A small change with a big impact. Learn more about Stasher bags or check out my favorite Qualeap set on Amazon. I know you have the time….😉


Disclaimer: Thanks to Stasher for sending samples to encourage me to make the switch!


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