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Sometimes it does happen.  I have somewhere to go during the day where I need to look like a real adult, one that doesn’t have children controlling her every move!  This means clothes that are not stained with yogurt handprints, shoes that do not slip on, and a bag that does not need to hold all the powers of the universe within it’s boundaries.

That’s where the Urbandillo Classic Hobo bag comes in handy!  It’s unique drawstring design that shrinks down to the size of a roll of socks, so it can be thrown in my giant baby gratifying Mary Poppin’s bag for the day.  And when it is time to meet up with the sitter or drop the kids off at my mom’s, I can expand my magically adorable hobo bag, throw in only the essentials, and be on my way!  Oh, and did I mention it also has tons of built in compartments?  All the organization you could ask for, even an insulated pocket for a curling iron.  Now if I only had time to actually do my hair…

Written by Savvy Sassy Mom’s contributor, Andriana Spence

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  1. I am interested in purchasing three bags. How do I go about this?

  2. I would look online for a retailer to see if these bags are still available. This post was written in 2011.

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