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Yes, believe it or not I am posting about food storage containers!   What?  Not sassy enough for you well, they’re certainly savvy!  My mother-in-law bought these for me and I thought they were billiant!  Maybe you have seen them before, but since you’ll  never find me cruising the isles of  Sur La Table, I was unaware that these little guys exsisted.

Although I don’t spend much time in the kitchen, I do happen to make some pretty great salads and I always hate saving only half of a tomato, but I hate to throw it away too.  These keep your produce fresh and keeps the refridgerator from smelling like onions!  You can buy the Lemon Saver, Tomato Saver, Onion Saver and the NEW Pepper Saver all at Sur La Table!


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  1. We have a Sur La Table not too far from us – I think I’ll be taking a trip down there today to get one of each!

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