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Should I Still Go On a Honeymoon After COVID-19?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many newly-weds to change, postpone, and even cancel their honeymoon plans. Nevertheless, while there may be additional challenges during these strange times, that does not mean you have to cancel your honeymoon altogether.

Especially now, as the vaccines become available, the end of the pandemic is in sight. The time has come to either begin planning your honeymoon, perhaps for summer 2021, or to adjust your plans to accommodate the post-COVID environment. Either way, the answer is ‘yes,’ you should still go on a honeymoon after COVID-19!

That said, you likely have some questions. Let’s see if we can answer them and help you to navigate this unprecedented and unpredictable travel landscape.

Where and When Will Travel Be Okay Again?

Eventually, travel across the globe will open up once again like it was before the pandemic. However, it may be some time before it returns to pre-pandemic normal, and it likely will never be quite the same. That said, there is an end in sight, as the vaccines have begun to roll out worldwide.

Despite this ray of hope, expect international travel to remain restricted until the middle of 2021. However, domestic travel is sure to open up before then, and some are beginning to make honeymoon travel plans for the beginning of 2021.

How Do You Move Your Planning Forward In the Honeymoon Process With Confidence?

For couples trying to navigate 2020, it was touch and go the whole time. During the early parts of the summer, there was hope for plans in August and September. However, as the situation continued to evolve, couples were forced to cancel and postpone international travel and other things. Couples have to be savvy and strategic to avoid disappointment.

The good news is, 2021 is looking much better. With the vaccine rollout plans, the pandemic now has a termination point. Still, COVID cases continue to spike in many parts of the world, and travel plans to and from those locations will have to be put on hold until things are more in control.

How Can You Protect Your Honeymoon Investment?

To protect your honeymoon investment, you’re going to need to be smart and be strategic. Pay attention to the travel notices, both from WHO and the CDC. Use these resources to avoid booking a trip that’s going to end up canceled.

Where you choose to go on your honeymoon should depend on the travel advice from these resources. For domestic travel, consider paying more for direct flights or driving when you can. It’s best to avoid complicated travel arrangements as much as possible right now.

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3 Tips to Save Your Honeymoon From COVID-19

The pandemic has made travel of any kind a complicated endeavor at best. When it comes to your honeymoon, here are some tips to save it from COVID-19.

1. Avoid Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) Right Now

Companies like Priceline and Expedia have been unable to deal with the unpredictability of the current travel market. The problem is that these companies save money by offering cheap packages that can be booked without speaking to anyone directly. Then, if you try to cancel or reschedule, it’s nearly impossible to do so.

A lot of these types of companies have been forced to close up during the pandemic, as they’ve been unable to deal with the influx of customer calls attempting to cancel and reschedule. This has left customers stranded without support and others unable to cancel expensive packages they’d already paid for.

2. Consider Travel Insurance

Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance provides you with security during these uncertain times. Of course, it’s expensive, but it enables you to cancel your trip 48 hours before you depart.

Insurance premiums are usually between 10 and 15 percent of your trip cost total, but with the significant impact of the pandemic, some travel insurance companies are redesigning their CFAR product to account for the recent need.

3. Hire a Travel Advisor

Interestingly, before the pandemic, the internet had begun to make booking travel plans online on your own fast, cheap, and easy. Now, with the travel environment thrown into chaos, hiring a travel advisor may be the way to go.

Planning a honeymoon in normal circumstances is overwhelming. Add to that the pressures and uncertainties of a global pandemic, and it becomes nearly impossible. A reputable travel advisor can help you to navigate the challenges of travel right now.

Final Thoughts

Your honeymoon is more than just a trip. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and a chance to connect and bond as a couple. Having a travel advisor who can advocate for you whether you’re planning a domestic trip or looking at vacations in Barbados goes a long way in these trying times.

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