How to start selling on eBay

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There are so many online sellers and businesses right now that it can feel like eBay is a saturated place to sell what you make. The thing is, eBay is a stepping stone to generating an income, and if you know that you have an excellent product, you’re going to be able to build a fully e-commerce business as a result. Whether you use eBay for the long term or you want to use it for a little while, you have to learn how to build your online shop successfully so that your customer base will build.

eBay’s selling process

There is a whole selling process on eBay to show you how to do it, but it’s fairly simplistic. It talks of listing your product, shipping it and then getting paid. The thing is, you also need to know a little more than those three steps to get it right. For example, it tells you to list, but doesn’t talk much about keywords. It tells you to ship without telling you whether the UPS prices for shipping will be cheapest. You need to know how to sell with boosted SEO rankings and how to get those good reviews from your customers. It all matters and it all counts! Let’s take a look at some essential things that you have to know before you get going!

How To Start Selling on eBay

Due diligence. Before you get on eBay, you need to think like a buyer. Your content is going to matter if you want people to buy your stuff, and that means doing your research on how to make your content pop. You want to know that you have the right keywords to attract your buyers, the right images, the right everything. Hooking in the buyers really does matter and you want to know how this all works from their perspective. If you put yourself into the shoes of the buyer, you can see it from their perspective once you’ve written up your ad.

Know what you’re selling

eBay has always been a marketplace for everyone selling anything. From the mundane to the weird, eBay allows you to sell many different things.  As an independent seller, you need to know what you’re selling and if you’re opening your own store, you need to know how it’s going to differ from the others on the market like you. If you want to ensure that you are selling a good niche product, choosing your inventory is important. Creating your inventory is even more important, so ensure that you are selling something that you know will be well received.

Start Selling

eBay is famous for its bidding system, and the fees charged depends on the number of items you’ve listed for sale. You will also pay a monthly subscription fee to list your items and keep your store open. How much you will pay directly depends on how much you are using your store.

Market your eBay store effectively and you’ll be able to pull in the customers and make those sales!


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