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Saving Cash On Your Car

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Cars are one of the most expensive things we will buy, and it’s not just the car that costs a lot. The running costs come at a premium too. Many people need to take a loan to cover the cost of a safe vehicle to have their family in. 

Here are a few ways that you might want to look into to reduce how much your car could cost. 


The cost of car insurance can be incredibly high – and in some cases, it is the insurance that might put many people off buying them. You can first call up a few different insurance providers and talk to them directly.

This can sometimes give you different and better quotes than you might ordinarily see on some comparison websites. 

If your car insurance is too expensive, it can be worth looking for a price reduction or changing your coverage – you can call them to discuss your options. 


Keeping your car in good working order is one of the best ways to ensure you keep the costs down. Vehicle maintenance can be expensive, but those costs increase exponentially when you skip maintenance altogether and just wait for the car to need repairs. 

YouTube is a hub of great information and advice that can help you to do things like change wipers, clean the car properly, change the oil and tires, and so much more. 

Make sure you follow all of the recommended safety protocols. Get a friend or family member with some experience with cars. 

Big errands 

It can be tempting to jump in the car for short errands, and unless there are mobility issues that mean you have to, it is better to use the vehicle when there is a lot to do instead. It is better for the battery to run for longer periods, and cutting back on using the car for multiple short trips will reduce the cost of gas. 


For those who have a loan out on their car, it can be possible to refinance and get a better rate. You can call your lender and see what options you might have to refinance. In some cases, you might be able to find a new lender that might offer a better rate. 

No speeding

When you rev your engine and put your foot down to drive fast, one of the issues is that when you drive your car fast and make it work too hard, you will be putting more strain on the vehicle. 

It’s not just that rapid acceleration and driving at high speed wastes gas but puts you at risk of a crash. 

Car accidents aren’t just costly for the car; they are also expensive long-term for the people involved and injured: The Real Cost Of Car Accidents And How It Can Impact You – Savvy Sassy Moms


The weather can cause many issues with the car’s bodywork; take steps to protect the body or the vehicle in all weather types. Rust can weaken the car’s bodywork, which will eventually need to be repaired.

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