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A Gift for all Occasions: What to Buy for Your Daughter

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Do you always wonder what to buy for your daughter whenever a special day or other occasion comes around? Well, it can be tricky, especially for teens. But for the most part, a thoughtful gift that they can use, remember or add value to her life is usually a choice that goes down well.

Milestone Birthdays

As your kids, nieces, or granddaughters age, there are many birthdays. But as a society, we regard some as more important than others. Traditional ones such as quinceañera, sweet 16, 18, and 21 are celebrated by most families. So along with these special occasions, you might want a special gift. Jewelry to commemorate these days is common. Online stores like offer a unique selection of crafted pieces using traditional materials and stones. For example, you could buy a silver ring with a traditional garnet for a January birthday.

An Anniversary Gift

Anniversary gifts also have associated materials. However, given you might be buying for a younger girl or woman, it’s unlikely to be something like a diamond wedding gift for a 60th. However, you could buy a gift for a “going steady” anniversary or something special to remember the day your daughter met her partner. Traditional unmarried anniversary gifts often include memories of the day considered an official meeting or union. For example, you could have a beautiful photo of your daughter and her partner printed and framed to treasure forever.

Don’t Forget Prom Night

High school proms as we know them today began in the US in the 1950s. In the 18th century, debutante balls were the norm in the US. Around 15 years ago, proms started to happen in the UK, and since then, they have become more and more popular. But what do you get for a gift? Prom night can be a big deal if you wear jewelry. You might choose to give your daughter a necklace or a pair of earrings. However, given the expense associated with the night itself, arranging something special like a beautiful gown and a limousine is often a gift enough.

Housewarming Gifts

It can be hard when your daughter flies the nest and moves in with her partner. But you want to do your best to make them feel comfortable in their new homes. Yet depending on where you’re from or even your religion, a housewarming gift means something different to most families. For example, in Russian Jewish culture, bread and salt are signs of hospitality. They should be the first things brought into the house. Bread, so your daughter will never go hungry, and salt, so that their lives are full of flavor. You can have these made up in stunning decorative baskets.

When They’re Sick

Of course, gifts aren’t always used for joyous occasions. And a thoughtful present can be just what someone needs when they’re ill. As a parent, you never want to see your child suffer. And while there might be nothing you can do to make it go away, you can cheer them up. Gifts for getting well include handheld games, coloring books, and clay for younger children. This will engage them and take their minds off it for a while. However, your older daughter will appreciate some thoughtful flowers, a huggable bear for comfort, and maybe some comfy clothes.

A First-Time Mom

Welcoming your first grandchild is something that almost every parent looks forward to. And the range of gifts you could give your daughter is massive. And it can be hard to decide if you should get the baby or your child. Sticking to your child alone, some popular and trending first-time mom gift ideas include professional photo shoots for mother and child, pamper packages, and massage devices such as a foot spa. However, you could also commemorate the occasion with something special like a hologram or laser-inscribed gold or silver pendant.

Extra: Special Ideas That Cost Almost Nothing

Not everyone has the luxury of, well, luxury. And with the costs of everything continually rising, you can find yourself at a loss as to a gift idea. Fortunately, there are a ton of things you can do to make someone feel loved on a special day for little or no money. Here are some ideas:

  • Spend a day out in a local park.
  • Schedule her favorite movie night.
  • Cook something nice together from what you have.
  • Cuddles and Netflix on the couch.
  • Make a mixtape of songs from the day she was born.
  • Visit a camping ground or the beach.
  • Collect some flowers and make arrangements together.
  • Play video games if that’s what she’s into.
  • Play a classic family board game.
  • Do something she really wants to do but hasn’t had the chance.

Some people consider time and love all the gifts you need. Not everything has to cost money. And with so many of us working more than ever for lower pay, perhaps we can get back to appreciating quality time with loved ones. So, give your daughter a call and schedule a visit.

To Say Thank You

A small act of kindness that shows appreciation is called a token of appreciation. In everyday life, getting a thank-you card from a friend for helping them move or going to their wedding is a small way to show that your friend is grateful. Being appreciated for something is always a bonus. Yet the options for a gift to do this are rather limited because it’s best said in words. A card or a balloon with phrases like “To Say Thank You” or “I Appreciate You” are common in western culture. Especially if your daughter has shown fantastic support through something.

Congratulatory Gifts

Life is filled with occasions where we are congratulated, too many to list here. And a gift can be tricky. However, flowers are much loved and appreciated the world over. But what flowers should you use? Daisies stand for friendship and luck, so they are the best flowers to give to a friend or loved one to say congratulations. Everyone loves a bunch of pretty daisies. Daisies make people feel happy and cheerful, which is great if you want to share someone else’s happiness. But of course, you could always consider the standard bottle of champagne.

A Tragic Loss

Losing a family member is always a sad time. And in the case of your daughter or your family, it’s even harder. Most of the time, a note or card to relatives is enough to show your condolences to the family. And a flower arrangement, fruit, food, or gourmet baskets are usually appreciated. However, considering the bereaved is your daughter, a gift might be regarded as inappropriate. Suppose the decedent is your grandchild. In that case, helping around the home, making arrangements, and providing love, care and support are the real gifts in their grief.

Valentine’s Day

The gifting usually comes from your beloved on Valentine’s Day. A partner, husband, wife, or lover. However, your daughter might not have found someone yet. But that shouldn’t stop you from making her feel special. In fact, she might be feeling alone, depressed, and anxious on this day. So a special gift could be just what she needs to lift her spirits and forget about the fact she isn’t with someone yet. Spending some time together is a lovely way to make someone feel better. But traditional gifts like flowers and chocolates are always welcome as well.

Christmas or the Holidays

The holidays are a special time of year for many reasons. They signify the changing seasons and the year’s end. But they’re also spiritual and religious in nature too. So what do you get for your daughter? The best gifts are thoughtful ones, and you could consider her religion or lifestyle. If she is a traditional woman, she might like a pretty outfit, home linens, and a trip to a religious place. For an alternative lifestyle, perhaps consider a membership to a meditation and yoga center. Or even feng shui gifts, Buddha idols, or Ganesha idols to fulfill her happiness. 

Passing Her Driving Test

Passing a driving test is a big milestone in life because it also marks the beginning of your child’s independence. A driving license means she can go anywhere unaided. But with that comes the danger of inexperience. So while the obvious gift for passing a driving test is a reasonable and safe car, such as a Volvo. You could also consider things to keep her safe such as car essentials like a spare tire and a jack and show her how to use them. Further, paying for breakdown cover and insurance isn’t a bad idea until she has the means to provide for herself.


It can be a challenge when considering what to buy for your daughter at the best of times. Yet, with all of life’s ups and downs, there are some things she will always appreciate. These include jewelry for birthdays, gifts after childbirth, and making her first car as safe as possible.


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