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How to throw a fun and easy potty training party

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Potty troubles? Try throwing a potty training party! #PampersEasyUps #adOh, potty training. I have such a love/hate relationship with it. I mean, no more diapers  would be awesome, but how to get started in the process can be so daunting. Thankfully, Pampers Easy Ups came to the rescue!

Pampers sent us a box full of goodies and helpful tips to host an awesome potty training party to get our family and all of our friends ready to take on this new adventure in parenting. We sorted through everything and called all of our friends over to party!

How to Throw a Pancakes and Potty Training Party #PampersEasyUps #ad

Pancakes and potty training

It isn’t a party without some snacks right? I decided to do pancake pops to keep our party guests full. They’re fun and easy, plus, “Pancakes and Potty Training” sounded like an appropriate theme for the day. If you’ve never made them, just use your normal pancake batter and add in a lollipop stick before you flip it over. I gave each kid their own cup of syrup so they could dip as they pleased. It was a big hit!

Once everyone had a full belly and was ready to party, we had the kids try on their own Pampers Easy Ups. They were loving it! The Easy Ups were just that — easy to pull on and off when it was time to go potty. Plus, the kids loved all of the fun designs!

Adorable Diaper Photobooth for a Party or Baby Shower #PampersEasyUps #ad

Take a picture to celebrate

To mark the occasion, we had an awesome “It’s Potty Time” photo booth set up for each child to take a picture in. I think it’s so fun to make a celebration out of potty training and I wanted to our party guests to know that it was a big deal and they were so big to start trying to go in the potty!

The photo booth was relatively easy to set up — I used a fringe doorway curtain, some honeycomb shapes, and then added in a few Easy Ups on a clothesline. The kids loved the balloons the most, of course.


Hosting a Potty Training Party for Kids and Moms #PampersEasyUps #ad

Fun for the moms, too

But, the party wasn’t just for the kids. Pampers also sent over some great goody bags and helpful tips for the moms. Some highlights to remember are:

  • Have team spirit! You are your child’s biggest fan and you are also their coach. Stay calm when faced with accidents and setbacks.
  • Be prepared with everything you may need. Consider step stools, potty seats, and training pants, like Pampers Easy Ups.
  • Celebrate every win. Don’t just talk about the accidents, celebrate when things go right, too.
  • Wait until your child is ready. Your child will show signs of readiness when she’s ready to potty train. If you wait until your child is ready, you will save everyone a lot of frustration.

How to Make Potty Training Easy with a Potty Training Chart #PampersEasyUps #adAfter a little learning and chatting about potty training methods, we went through our goody bags. These reward charts are going to be so helpful to encourage the kids to go potty and we each got a pack of Pampers Easy Ups to get us started!


Easy Up Designs

Pampers Easy Ups are our favorite

I really loved the Pampers Easy Ups. Not only did my daughter love the fun designs, but when she does have an accident, the Easy Ups hold 25% more than the other leading brands. This is extra wonderful when you get to the nighttime party of potty training. Not more leaks while she sleeps means a more restful night for all of us. Pampers Easy Ups make the transition from diaper to underwear smooth!

If you have several friends ready to embark on the potty training mission, have everyone over for a little party! Seeing all of her friends excited got my child extra excited about it, too.Celebrate Potty Training

What are some of your top potty training tips?


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