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Saying NO to our kids is the easiest thing we could ever say. Its just two little sounds N-O put together, but it packs a big punch.  It’s not a word they like to hear. {Its a word that none of us like to hear}  Sometimes we say NO to keep them protected, but other times we say NO because we don’t feel like getting involved with whatever they are pulling us into.

You’re right in the middle of your favorite show.

If you don’t get this paperwork done for work  your week is going to be wrecked.

I just want 15 minutes to myself.

I know the feeling, as I’m typing this I have three busy kids flying around the house saying mom every 5 minutes.

Saying NO is something I do far too often.

It’s the moments that I decide to say YES that turn a dull day into a really great day. I actually decided to refrain from saying NO to my 4 year old a few days ago.  She was going through my purse searching for one of my cameras.  I don’t really like for them to handle my cameras because I’ve seen how they treat their toys and well I don’t think my camera can handle that kind of torture.  In that instant that I saw her holding my camera the word NO was on the tip of my tongue.  She even glanced over at me anticipating what I was about to say.

Instead I said, 

“You going to take some pictures?” She quickly smiled and nodded.

I let go of the fact that something could happen to my camera and took hold of the fact that something great could blossom from this exposure.  You see in that moment of time I allowed my daughter the chance to explore the world of photography.

At her age I remember holding the Polaroid Camera in my hands, squinting one eye and pressing down the red button.  It opened up a whole new world for me, and it’s a world that has stuck with me all of these years.

Photography doesn’t just have to be for adults, children can be great photographers too. But as long as you keep saying NO how will you ever find out?

Allow your kid(s) to take photos of the things they find interesting. Allow them to take photos of things that are special to them. Allow them to run their own photo shoot.

This is what happened when I chose to say YES

What she loves to do.

Can’t keep her out of this stuff.

At this moment we were having a great time!

None of these shots are worthy of National Geographic 100 Best Photos of 2011, but that is totally besides the point.

She had fun, she loved what she was doing, and it made her feel really good about herself.

As her photo collection grows,  I will put them all into a photo book for her.  Just as I print out my photos I have decided to do the same for her.  By doing this I am showing her that her photos matter just as much as mine.

Her passions her loves are all JUST AS IMPORTANT AS MINE!
(even her photo of the huge container of sanitizer!)

*Some of the contents in this post were taken from an original post  Just say YES  published on Through My Lense.

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  1. How beautiful! I almost let the tears flow. You have my admiration today! I plan to say yes more often.
    Thanks for being a member of my Beginning Reading Help BlogFrog community. I found your post there today. I’m a better person for reading it too. I’m glad I took the time.

  2. I can relate to this so much! My son always wants to play with me and I am always telling him no because of laundry, dishes, cleaning, working etc… So I have been trying to make the hour before bedtime time to say YES and play with him!

  3. What a great post! I can associate with it easily. Thank you.
    A simple Yes can transform into the moments of bliss and fun times with our precious kids.

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