5 easy snacks to throw in your kids lunch

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Packing lunches are one of the most dreaded tasks of the back to school season. Picky eaters, faulty alarm clocks and tired moms, are only a handful of obstacles that affect lunch making. To make mornings run smoother, we researched some of the newest and best lunchbox staples that stores have to offer.

Odwalla Smoothies for Kids

Making sure your child eats enough fruit just got easier with Odwalla Smoothies for Kids. They come in easy to drink and store juice boxes. They come in yummy flavors like Grape Berry Prairie, Mango Pineapple Island, and Strawberry Banana Jungle.  And at just 110 calories, you just might want to grab one for yourself.

* The savvy sassy kids loved them and sucked them down 😉

Jif to Go

Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein for picky eaters, and it’s even better now that it comes in this convenient to-go sized package. Pair with apple slices, pretzels, celery sticks and more for a lunch that packs a punch. Jif to Go comes in creamy, chunky, reduced fat, and chocolate flavors. Each serving has 9 grams of protein. Make sure to check your school’s peanut and allergy policies before packing!

Pirates Booty

Saying the name is fun in itself, but Pirates Booty offers a healthy alternative to calorie-laden chips. Choose the classic white cheddar flavor or branch out into the sour cream and onion variety. If you’re looking for a sweeter treat, Pirates Booty now comes in chocolate!

Mott’s Snack and Go Apple Sauce Pouches

As a mom, I can safely say that squeezable applesauce has changed my life. During the summer it was a great snack for the park, and now it will be a great snack for school lunches. Choose from plain apple and apple strawberry flavors. Put them in a freezer and the applesauce will melt by lunchtime, and act as an ice pack to keep your child’s lunch fresh.

Chobani Champions

Greek yogurt is all the craze, but now it comes in a kid friendly form with Chobani Champions.  With flavors like honey-nana, very berry, orange vanilla, and chocolate chunk, the creamy goodness is a meal in itself. Add bit of low fat granola on top for a crunch surprise. Each container is just 100 calories. Click on the link above for a $1.00 coupon.

Moms, what are some of your favorite lunch box items for your children?

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