Organizing your unruly playroom

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If you are like many of us, you vowed that this year was the year to get your house organized!

What is it about the minute you have kids and the amount of “stuff” you have quadruples?  Well, I would like to say that as they grow that stuff becomes less, but unfortunately its in most cases its the opposite.


Have you found yourself in a predicament like this where the playroom has become uncontrollable?

I came up with three basic rules that can take this unruly room to this and get us all organized and stay that way!


1.  STORAGE!!!  – If you do not have storage, then there is no hope!  There are so many options ranging in price range.  Keep it simple.


The toy box is from Target and I found these clear bins with lids at IKEA for just a few dollars.  We’re loving the bins and they are especially great for the 1 year old because he’s able to get the lid off easy and able to roll it around to where he wants to play with its contents.

2. Keep it visual – The saying “out of site, out of mind” really is the case with kids.  If they can’t see it, then they will most likely not  play with it.


So you’ll notice we went with the wire bins on the shelves and the large open green containers for the stuffed animals.  The wire bins keep toys contained and organized, but allows little eyes to see whats in them.  The green containers were a deal from Crate and Barrel for $10 each and we love at the end of the day just scooping everything up and putting them back in the big container.

3. PURGE– How many times have we heard that when organizing a closet, if you haven’t worn an article of clothing in 6 months, they you need to get rid of it?  Well that is the case with toys too!  If it has sat in that room for however long without being played with, I hate to break it to you… its most likely not going to get played with again.


That goes for art too!  You don’t necessarily have to throw it away, but every piece does not need to be displayed.  There are so many ways to organize kids art whether it be bind it or make a picture book out it.  Keep what is displayed to a manageable amount and when there is a new piece ready to be displayed, then another piece comes down.

One thing that has helped us in the purging is that our kids birthdays are pretty evenly disbursed throughout the year.  Before any birthday we’ve implemented the 5 rule.  We pick 5  toys that we would like to donate to other kids.   This gives them room for new toys they might get at their birthday!

Just remember to keep it simple!  It shouldn’t be a burden room its a playroom!  Have fun and get organized!

Do you have any great tried and true tips to share with us?

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