One Jackson, Custom Kids Clothing Made to Order!

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One big perk of being a style blogger is we get to hear about amazing designers early. The thrill of discovering the next big thing is what gets us going in the morning. So, when we learned about a new kids clothing company that gives everyone a chance to
discover independent designers, we were hooked.

One Jackson is an online site where independent designers submit their ideas for amazing kids’ clothes, while customers vote on which items they love and want to see made. So creative and smart!  Co- founded by four parents who have struggled to find unique, stylish, and reasonably priced clothing for their kids, this system guarantees that customers will love the clothes that are produced. Items will be put out in limited editions, so your little guy won’t look like everyone else on the playground!

Their first line, for Fall 2012, launches today with an array of boy’s clothing in sizes 2-6, as well as some really original accessories – backpacks, handmade felt masks, knit hats. The collection includes everything from jeans to cardigans to sweatpants, priced from $16 – $42. For moms with girls, never fear!

We hear that One Jackson plans to launch  their girls’ line this October just in time for the holiday season.
Twitter: @OneJacksonKids


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  1. This is a great a idea! How do you intend to market these kids’ clothing? Will you have designated wholesalers or retailers to sell these clothing to the public?

  2. Thanks for the post. It’s purely adorable! Hope to find some more interesting info here and I’m really glad to have come across your blog today!

  3. I am really shock to know that kids clothes can also be customized. This is one of the best examples that how we can get perfect clothes for our child. Thanks for sharing it.

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