My “Secret Mom” Revealed…

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Last week I told you that I was apart of a top secret Mother’s Day mystery gift and well now I can reveal who the lucky lady was and what she got!  I picked Christina from  Why?  Well, because she is lovely and we have very similar taste, style and drink a lot of coffee!

What did she get?  I gave Christina something fun and bright for summer!  I know that she is a Mom to three little boys and lives by the beach -so I thought a beautiful new beach bag was in order.  One that could fit a lot of Mom stuff but still show of her gorgeous personality.  I have been lusting after this bag for myself, but it felt so much better to gift it to a friend instead.

The funny thing – Christina actually picked me for this little gift giving mission, but we had no idea!  Christina and I actually saw each other 2 weeks ago and neither one of us let the cat out of the bag!  (Amazing)  She gave me this Kate Spade Scarf, which inspired this Fashion Inspiration:  Here Comes the Sun!  And a pair of cute neutral flats (which I needed).

This was so much fun!  It was just like playing Secret Santa!  A big Thank You to BabyBjorn for providing this experience and such wonderful gifts to all the hard working online mamas!

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  1. Oh yay, I was waiting to find out the secret mom and secret gift! Looks like you both chose great gifts for each other.

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