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7 Must-have statement necklaces

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The power of statement necklaces

Building a wardrobe you love involves mixing your classic favorites with on-trend pieces. At the beginning of each season, two or three new pieces can make you feel like you’ve acquired a new seasonal rotation of clothes. As winter lingers, those new pieces can begin to feel like old news, and your favorite sweaters can seem a little stale. Investing in statement necklaces is the perfect way to breathe life into your closet.

How to choose a statement necklace

Statement necklaces can be used to highlight a style you’ve already crafted or to add a fresh perspective to your favorite looks. Keep in mind that trendy pieces don’t need to break your fashion budget. Five of the seven necklaces we love are under $100 — three are under $50!

You might find that you gravitate towards pieces that fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, but if you want to punch up your winter wardrobe, pick something a little outside your comfort zone. If your wardrobe is filled with neutrals, try a colorful addition like the tricolor stone Blu Bijoux necklace. Tailored pieces are an interesting canvas for over-the-top jewels and feminine touches like the Lydell NYC and Shop Dandy selections.

How to wear statement necklaces

Like their name suggests, wearing statement necklaces draws attention to the accessory itself and not the rest of your outfit. Keeping the rest of your clothes simple is the best way to wear this powerhouse accessory. Simple sweaters are a fantastic blank canvas. A white T-shirt and black blazer frame statement necklaces perfectly — especially ones with great lines like the Root-Needles necklace by Made.

Like other trendy pieces, dramatic necklaces don’t have to find a permanent home in your closet. They’re an easy way to play with new colors, metals or styles you might not normally try. Let yourself have fun with them — you never know when your spontaneous choice might end up being your new favorite accessory!

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