Maxi-Cosi Mico AP infant car seat review {Giveaway}

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In the world of infant car seats safety is king and design is gold, but if the true test of a superior infant car seat is how long your baby will sleep in it, the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP infant car seat wins hands down. I’ve been fortunate enough to try out both the Mico AP and another high-end infant car seat for my now 4-month-old. And while both have their pros and cons, the Mico AP is definitely the one she prefers… and really, isn’t that all that matters?

Lightest in its class

Touted as the “lightest infant car seat in its class”, the Mico AP is indeed incredibly light at a mere 8.6 pounds. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to lift it with the baby inside — especially after having lugged a much heavier version with her older sister. It comes in 14 stylish color choices that any savvy sassy mom would love and works with the car seat adapter for our Uppa Baby Vista which has been super convenient.

Safety features

It also features the advanced Air Protect® Side Impact Technology which, to me, looks incredibly secure. Baby must feel super cozy in the appropriately named Cozi Dozi infant insert as she almost always instantly falls asleep in it… and stays asleep! Beyond all this, the fabric just looks so cushy and comfy even I’d love to doze in it. It’s super easy to clip in and out of the car seat base, and lifting it out of the car is a breeze. While I wish the sun canopy was a bit larger, it’s still significantly larger than the first infant car seat we owned.

maxi cosi mico ap

Other features of the Mico AP
  • For children rear-facing from 5 to 22 pounds and up to 29” in height
  • Superior Side Impact Performance with Air Protect® technology
  • Includes a convenient stay-in-car adjustable base
  • Premium fabrics and padding for a comfy ride
  • Includes Cozi-Dozi™ infant support for smaller babies
  • Integrated canopy, always on hand and easy to store
  • Flip-out visor on canopy for extra protection when needed
  • 5-point harness with up-front harness adjustment
  • Adapters to use Mico as travel system included with compatible Maxi-Cosi and Quinny strollers**
  • Adapters for many other premium strollers available from the stroller manufacturer
  • Available accessories (sold separately):
  • Foot Muff to keep baby warm
  • WeatherShield
  • Breathable Bug Net
  • Additional stay-in-car bases

All in all, this is an infant car seat that I would highly recommend to any of my friends and am so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to try it out. This is one baby purchase you won’t regret (unlike that bottle sterilizer taking up tons of counter space!).

Maxi Cosi Wheel of Style and Color


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  1. OMG, so many colors! I am actually kind of loving the orange!

  2. So many beautiful choices, how does one pick? I’m loving the green and purple the most… dreaming of spring!

  3. All the colors are fabulous!! I absolutely love the Treasured Green!

  4. I’m going to go with Gracious Grey! #FirstTimeDad!

  5. Oh I would love either milk chocolate or treasured green

  6. I’m kinda boring I’d probably pick the grey or black

  7. I love the purple and the green. They are all great colors.

  8. It’s a toss up between the orange and grey!

  9. I would do the Orange zest! or the devoted black!

  10. I love the treasured green color! So adorable.

  11. I would choose the treasured green. Nice cool color that is still neutral for either boy or girl in my opinion.

  12. Green or red or omg love so many cant choose one!

  13. i really like these car seats! not sure what i am having yet but i really like the passionate pink and treasured green

  14. I’d love Gracious Grey, soooo many beautiful colors!

  15. I’d love the grey or purple! Both are so pretty 🙂

  16. Look at all the pretty colors!!! I don’t even know! Treasured Green!?

  17. I think I’d go with the red but the black would match our other maxi-cosi

  18. Gracious grey or treasured green for sure. I love this seat.

  19. Treasured green or devoted black are my favorites

  20. It’s hard to choose…they’re all great! I think I’d go with milk chocolate.

  21. I think I would go with either the gray or orange.


  23. I like the Envious Red, thank you for the chance.

  24. Each color is stunning but the gracious gray is perfect!

  25. Gracious Gray! It’s a tough pick but definitely something that would work for future babies, no matter boy or girl.

  26. That’s a hard decision! Gracious grey? but that treasured green and the blue is beautiful too. Grey is my favorite color so lets go with that one 🙂

  27. I would choose either Reliant Blue or Treasured Green… very gender neutral, I think!

  28. Oh heavens.. so many colors. I love the orange.. and the red but also the brown. Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

  29. These fabric choices are all amazing! I especially love the Milk Chocolate and Orange Zest ones!

  30. I would probably go w/ grey or black so it can match a boy or girl 😉

  31. treasured green or precious grey or reliant blue

    well any color I’d go for except for the pink or purple – I personally don’t care for either of those colors regardless if I have a girl or not.

  32. Would love to win! I LOVE the grey and the brown!!! Such a great give away!

  33. I would choose passionate pink for my baby girl 🙂

  34. I am having a little girl in June and think Pink Precious would be perfect for her 🙂 Fingers crossed!

  35. Gracious gray is my favorite, I know, so boring!!

  36. Butter cream for me please. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  37. I love the Treasured Green since we aren’t finding out baby’s gender, such a great selection of colors!

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  39. Our little Miss would love the Passionate Pink one

  40. I would choose gracious grey since my baby boy has a grey and blue nursery. It would match perfectly. He’s due in 4 weeks.

  41. I would choose reliant blue or treasured green for my little guy arriving May 8th!

  42. I would pick Gracious Gray or Reliant Blue without hesitation! These are such beautiful colors!

  43. I like the gracious grey color. I love the variety they have.

  44. Ooo – they are all so pretty! We don’t know baby’s gender so I’d pick Reliant Blue or Envious Red!

  45. orange, blue, or milk chocolate so hard to choose!

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  48. I would pick the Devoted Black color! Would match our stroller perfectly!
    Thanks for the giveaway =)

  49. Reliant blue or passionate pink! Baby’s gender is a surprise!

  50. Ohhhh all of the colors are so lovely! I would have to go with the black or red. ((:

  51. I’d go for Devoted Black. I love the colors, but I don’t know what I am having next..

  52. Devoted black or Orange zest! Hard to choose!

  53. You had me at lightweight!! I love it, have had my eye on one since I saw it!! Gotta have it!

  54. I love all the colors. But the black one would be my choice since I dont know what im having.

  55. I like the reliant blue as well and I like the swirly designs in the fabric too.

  56. This would be amazing to win. This is my first baby and these things are expensive so it would be an enormously wonderful thing to win. I love the passionate pink 🙂

  57. Passionate Pink!! Excited to try something lighter than our peg perego!

  58. So many cute colors! I would choose gracious grey.

  59. They are all pretty, but the Treasured Green is absolutely gorgeous!!!love it!!!

  60. I love all of the colors, but I would probably pick the black, blue or green if I won.

  61. I would totally choose the treasured green! Perfect for either a boy or girl!!

  62. oh! i love the milk chocolate! it would go perfect with my car!

  63. Love the gracious grey, runner up is envious red.

  64. It really depends. If we find out we are having a girl, I’d love the Passionate Pink but if it’s a boy, perhaps the Orange Zest??? I’d definitely need to confer with my husband.

  65. i really love them all and love the bright colors, but to be safe since we do not know what we are having yet i would have to say devoted black, butter cream, gracious grey or milk chocolate

  66. I want the orange zest. It’ll match the orange car and be perfect for our little surprise in July.

  67. I love the orange zest! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  68. I love the Gracious Grey – I know it’s kind of a trendy color, but I still love it, and it’s a much better gender neutral than yellow!

  69. I Love Gracious Grey! It’s Pretty And Neutral!

  70. I would get black or grey because I would worry the others would show the dirt to easily.

  71. I would choose Treasured Green – it’s gorgeous!

  72. Love all the colors! Great giveaway!
    I’d choose the green!

  73. I think the added features on this car seat are really quite nice. Also, the visor is the first I’ve seen in a car seat which keeps the sun out of a babies eyes. I think reliant blue is a nice color.

  74. SO many cool choices! I kind of like this blue. Hmm but gracious gray and treasured green are both awesome too.

  75. I cannot decide which color I like better, they are all so pretty. My favorites are Butter Cream, Orange Zest, Treasured Green and Gracious Gray!

  76. Probably milk chocolate or reliant blue. Love. These are great seats.

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  78. I am going to be a first time mom in September and i think my sweet little boy or girl would love one of these seats in treasured green!

  79. Love love love this seat, especially in Passionate Pink!

  80. i really love the envious red, so gorgeous & it stands out on its own!

  81. Devoted black! Although I like the buttercream as well…

  82. Gracious Gray! Perfect for a boy or a girl and matches the interior of any car!

  83. I cant decide between the green or buttercream but i would love to win either one!

  84. I am super torn between passionate pink and posh purple! Amazing color selection!!!!!!

  85. Since finding out that we’re having a baby girl, I like the Posh Purple.

  86. The practical side of me says Reliant Blue or Envious Red. The wild side says Passionate Pink! :). Does the wild side ever prevail? No, I’m afraid not….

  87. I want this carseat so bad for my second baby on the way! I am torn between the treasured green or orange zest.

  88. These are very beautiful and of great style. Orange and chocolate are my favorite.

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