What do you love about your hair? #LoveYourHair

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How do you feel about your hair? Do you wish it was longer? Curlier? A different color? Do you feel you are too old for long hair, too young for short hair? The list goes on! We have all been there! It is time that we define our beauty and embrace what we have!

Dove has launched a new campaign #LoveYourHair, a new mission to broaden the definition of beautiful hair by celebrating all hair and inspiring real women to do the same, just like the Savvy Sassy Team! Watch the video and read how we have embraced our hair. #LoveYourHair

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Savvy HairHair changes after pregnancy

If there is one thing people always comment on when they meet me, it is my hair. I can’t say that it has always been good, but at this stage in my life, my hair is what I want it to be. I love my hair — it makes me feel confident!

Just like everyone else, I have had my hair share of bad haircuts. I have wished for curlier hair, straighter hair, longer hair, thinner hair, and thicker hair. My hair has gone through many changes, but the biggest change was after the birth of my first child. When I was pregnant with Jonah, my hair was so thick and voluptuous. Not a single hair fell out of my already very thick hair during my pregnancy, but around four months after giving birth, my hair started coming out in clumps. I was terrified! What was happening to my hair? Where was it going and why was it falling out?!

What I learned was only natural after having a baby, but it was almost too much to bare. When Jonah was 6-months-old, I found myself crying in the shower believing that I was soon going to be bald. Within a few months, the hair loss stopped and I came to love my new thinner, more manageable hair. While the regrowth was a whole other story, I am two years post baby number two and I have long, healthy manageable hair that I L-O-V-E! You won’t see me walking around the city without my long locks with curls at the bottom. My hair makes me feel beautiful!


Embrace the change

I have always been grateful for my hair! Through the years, I have gone through a multitude of experimental hairstyles, such as the “Dorothy Hamill” style, which was popular around her stardom as an ice skater. In my teens, I kept my hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of my face, and cut bangs to hide the acne on my forehead. My girlfriends used to come over and “frost and tip” my hair in the basement, and really had a good laugh while I walked around with a “horse cap” on my head.

Years later, I went back to my natural color and kept my hair simple, which was easily maintained when I had my children. Over the years, I have tried curly (yes, I had a perm), angular cuts (Vidal Sassoon), layers (like Jennifer Aniston from Friends), pin straight locks and then ombre. As time went on, my hair changed slightly in color and style. I have learned to embrace this change and I work to maximize what I have, I trust my hairstylist and basically let her dictate the style and color. One thing I have learned over the years is don’t be afraid to try new things with your hair and that being said I am certain that in the future my hair will continue to evolve as my lifestyle and hairstyle trends change.

Still hunting for my perfect hair

Truth be told, I have no idea what my true hair color is. And, I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who says the same! I started coloring my blonde hair even blonder to give it an extra pop of shine when I was a teenager and haven’t turned back since. You can’t blame me, really… I was in college in the late ’90s/at the turn of the millennium, when it was in style to have chunky blonde highlights in whatever color hair you had.

As I became a mom, I reached some of my best hair years. My hair was amazing when I was pregnant with my son… but in the six years since, it’s certainly lost its beauty. I’m always hunting for the best way to cut and style and grow and color my hair — even at 35 years old! While I try hard to love the hair I have, most days, my fine, easily dirtied by product hair looks like a mess just minutes after I style it.  For me, embracing my hair is about taking it day-by-day. I’ve learned that I can’t wash it every day and that dry shampoo does wonders. And, most importantly, I’ve learned to get it into a killer top knot to get me by the days when it just won’t behave!

How do you #LoveYourHair?

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