Little Girls and Make-up?

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Today my daughter wanted me to put blush on her before heading out the door to go to school.  I thought for a second, and said sure with a smile.  I mean, it’s just blush right?  What’s a little blush?  So I ran up to my make-up bag and got a very light shade and brushed it on her chubby little cheeks.  But while she was smiling ear to ear, I thought, “Is this Okay?”  Should I be doing this?  Not that she looked like a hooker or anything but, if I let her go to 1st grade with a little blush on, what was next?

Then it occurred to me, why is she asking to wear make-up?  Does she think she needs make-up to be pretty?  Are other girls at school wearing make-up?  Does she like a boy and want to look pretty for him?

Am I settting myself up for trouble?
I want to hear your Savvy Sassy Opinion!

Please leave a comment and check which age you think it’s appropriate for girls to start experimenting with Make-up?


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  1. My co-workers think it’s harmless. I do too

  2. I have an 11 y/o daughter and I haven’t yet allowed her to wear makeup to school. If we go out to a fancy dinner, I let her wear a little but not to school. She does wear lip gloss and tinted chapstick though. I just think it’s so important for little girls to feel beautiful without having to add anything. I’m not saying what you’re doing is wrong at all. But I just don’t feel comfortable yet. She’s asked and I told her when she’s 12 she can wear a little.

  3. I think it’s one thing to play dress up and put a little make up on around the house, but not appropriate for such a young age at school. There’s the issue you brought up – why is she asking? And now there’s the influence your daughter has on other girls in the school. It would be nice to think that this kind of thing is harmless, but there has to be a line somewhere, especially when a girl is so young. It’s so important to let little girls know that they are just fine the way they are – sending the message that a little make up is fine is, I think, a dangerous trend to set – not just for your daughter, but the class.

  4. I think it’s sweet but then talk about it with her. Let her know that when she is older that it will be something she can have but that she is beautiful just the way God made her.

    So many times I have questioned myself after a moment like that….it is an opportunity to start talking honestly with her. She will love the sincere talk with mom!

  5. Harmless for a little gloss or a swipe of blush or sparkle. Little girls like makeup because it’s girly and they see their moms do it. As long as they aren’t running around all “Toddler & Tiaras” I see nothing wrong.

  6. There’s a hilarious photo of my sister and I (age 1 and 4, respectively) at a Halloween party. I was a hula dancer and my mom put a little blush, frosty eye shadow, and lipstick on me. (Well, “a little” by mid-1980s standards) Harmless, right?

    My sister was along for the ride and didn’t have a costume, but was just as made up. I can just imagine the ‘me too’ whining that must have proceed…

    In any case, that photo have forever been know as the “Whore Baby” Halloween.

  7. I don’t think it’s harmless. It’s more about giving in and the child getting what she wants. You are the parent, not a friend. My mother didn’t allow me to start wearing makeup until I was 13, and it was only a little.

  8. I thought it was sweet as well:) I agree it is a great opportunity to sit down and have a mother daughter talk!

  9. I agree that it could affect other girls in the class, if they see it and she tells them that “my mom lets me wear make-up”. So much to think about, not only your children but the impact your children have on others too! Thanks.

  10. I think it depends on the child, but I also would worry about other kids at school. My first instinct would be to ask why? Then you know if it’s a self-esteem thing (which can happen so young these days!), or a mommy’s doing it, or my friends are doing it kind of thing.

    Personally my oldest is one to push too far, so I said when she’s 11 she can start with colored lipgloss and blush. I just know she would push it to be a full face of makeup since when she plays with face paint she really goes to town! My 7 year old hasn’t asked yet.They do wear nail polish sometimes though.

    So I guess my first response to my kids is always why? And then we talk about it. I don’t see harm in it, but they are only young once, so I try to let them stay that way as long as possible. 😉

  11. My daughter is 6 and wants to wear make-up sometimes. I think it’s OK, as long as it’s not all of the time. During my regular days, I don’t wear any make up so when I go out or go some where other than the park, grocery store, etc., and my make up is on and my hair is done, my daughter will say “Mommy, why are getting pretty.” I have the same fear in that I don’t want her to think being made up is what makes a girl pretty. When I indulge her make up desires, I always say to her that make up isn’t what makes her pretty and when I made up I tell her that I’m pretty with or without it.

  12. I’m typing this up before I even read the other answers. My thought has always been that I’d take Ellie to a professional to teach her how to put on age appropriate makeup around 13.

    Here’s the think, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been sitting at my vanity putting on my make up when she walked up and asked for some too. I reach for my blush brush dab it on her checks, kiss her on the forehead and tell her she’s beautiful. #momfail

  13. My son wanted the same thing when he was 3 and now my daughter wants it. I just brush their faces with an empty brush or give them a makeup sponge with nothing on it to do it themselves. But they haven’t specifically asked for the color.

  14. Hmmmmm… I’m a bit torn on this one. My 3-1/2 yr old went through a stage when she was obsessed with my purple sparkly chapstick. I let her use it, b/c I new her reasoning. She was always in the bathroom with me as I got ready for work… she wasn’t try to be anyone she was on tv or elsewhere, she wanted to be like her mommy. We would even brush our teeth at the same time and sometimes she would grab my powder brush and dab at her cheeks. She’s past that phase now, but it was certainly harmless as the time.

    I think my whole point is that we as moms probably know our daughters well enough to know if the experimentation is something to be discouraged, talked about or dismissed as harmless.

  15. I have 2 little ones (a 9 and a 4). The oldest wear lip gloss sometimes. Most of the times is because I ask her to.
    She is not into it as much as she used to when she was three. Maybe because back then she used to watch me get ready for work and now she’s too busy getting ready for school that she doesn’t pay that much attention.
    I think that it depends on every girl, as a mom you should know if it feels like sometimes sweet or if she is taking it too far. Like that she wouldn’t go anywhere without some makeup. It’s all in knowing where the line is.
    Have fun with this stage in her life and talk to her about makeup and it’s use. Enjoy her the fullest!

  16. I would probably let my daughter try make up if she wanted to. I would spark up conversation about it to and ask her what she likes about it and ask her about her interest in it.

    I don’t wear make up so I couldn’t conclude that she was just wanting to copy me or be like me, but if you wear make up and she sees you put it on to go out, it could just be as simple as her copying you.

    The only way to really find out is to have a light hearted conversation with your child and find out what she likes about making and why she wants to put it on etc 🙂

  17. I think little girls want to wear make up because someone they look up to wears it, usually mom or a big sister, sometimes an educator. I do not like seeing little girls with real make up. Clear lip gloss and ‘fake’ blush and maybe light coloured nail polish is cute and will satisfy the ‘dress up’ need that girls have due to the role models around them. It ios perefctly normal and harmless that she wants to wear it. I personally (if I had a little girl) wouldn’t allow anything more than nail polish and clear lip gloss be worn to school. I may allow a little extra (still child like make up) for special events like weddings, parties, new years etc. What you did it pretty ‘harmless’ however without boundries for make up it could lead to potential obsessions and slowly escalate into more.

  18. I’d say for elementary school it should be for “play” only, then in middle school maybe lipgloss, in hs eyeshadow & tinted moisturizer & mascara if needed. I don’t really wear makeup myself (pretty sure I don’t even own lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, or foundation!) so I’m not sure exactly how I’ll handle it if I have a daughter who wants to wear lots. Make her buy it herself maybe. Lol. But that’s what I’m thinking at this point (as a mom of only a boy so far, lol)

  19. I have a son, but I don’t disagree with you letting your little girl wear makeup. Maybe if you got her a set of her own makeup like tinted lip balm and maybe some play eyeshadow to mess with at home then you can perhaps tell her its just for at home?

    I did a lot of community theater growing up & I learned to apply my own stage makeup around age 7.

    Also, as you mentioned…maybe ask her why she wants to wear it to school and talk about it.


    Great topic!

  20. I think it is harmless. And if it gets to the point of her asking to put on her foundation, eye shadow, mascara, the works then yes, maybe there is a problem with such a young girl. But until then I think you’re good. If your daughter continues to ask for more then you can explain what your limits with make-up are for her age. My daughter never had any interest in make-up until this past Christmas and she will be 13 in a few months. Which was surprising because she is kind of a girly girl. Honestly, I was kind of thankful that she was happy with a lightly colored lip gloss for so long! But had she asked for some blush earlier I think that I would have gladly done it for her. I am sure that it made your daughter feel super special this morning. Maybe even put a little extra bounce in her step.

  21. My oldest daughter is almost eight and loves make-up and dressing up. She sneaks lipstick whenever she is with her grandma. Most of the time, I let her wear lip gloss and paint her nails but that’s it for now. I imagine we’ll have to revisit the rules every few years but right now I’m standing firm on no make-up until she’s at least twelve. Little girls should be little girls as long as possible.

  22. I’m a girlie girl who loves all things delicious and fluffy. My daughter is 17 months old and loves it when she gets “pretty cream”, meaning, baby lotion after a bath. I’m sure some mothers would say it’s bad to start that type of thinking but honestly, I think she sees me putting on pretty things and wants to do the same. I don’t find anything wrong in it, as long as it’s within reason.

  23. I think your initial instinct is always right and that you created a memory that your daughter will never forget!

  24. It def a time to have a mother daughter talk but how about the talk about how she’s beautiful just the way she is and that she doesn’t have any need for make-up? Why does she want to wear make-up already? And what ever happened to getting an age as a right of passage? It was cool to have things to look forward to as a little girl. And it made me feel so special and grown up with my mom showed me how to use the make-up and I got to be a part of that grown-up girl club at 13. Now is way too early. Play dress-up but that’s it where make-up goes in our house.

  25. A 6 year old little girl will not be having any of the problems you mentioned. She just wants it because it’s pretty and girly and she sees you where it. Let her wear blush of fancy occasions and once and a while to school, like once or twice a month. Blush and/or lipgloss are ok, as long as they aren’t adult shades.
    As long as it’s not to cheap, it will do no harm and make her feel special.

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