Layering up for winter

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Layering Up with Mod Cloth Savvy Sassy Moms
Layering pieces for Winter

It’s no surprise that cold weather is on the way and you’ll need to start layering up for Winter, if you haven’t already! To brace the chill coming our way you need a few key essentials to layer up, stay warm and still look fashionable. Break out those sweaters, cardigans, leggings and scarves and get ready to play with different color combinations, prints and textures to find just the right cozy mix.

Mod Cloth has a gorgeous selection of sweaters and cardigans right now and they asked me to style a layering look. I happily accepted this style challenge and so here are some of my favorites pieces

1. Indefinable Beauty Cardigan $75

Everyone needs a few sweaters and cardigans to get them through the fall and winter. I am absolutely in love with this stunning cardigan that will look great over a pair of leggings. Skip the Mom looking sweaters and cardigans look for trendy tribal, nordic or ethnic sweaters to stay warm this winter and still make a fashionable statement.

2. Your Edgy Ways Leggings $30

Not your average legging and that’s exactly what I like about them! Leggings have become very trendy with a variety of wild patterns and prints, but some go a little too far for me. The faux leather details down the side of these dress these up a bit and definitely adds some flair. These will certainly be an item in heavy winter rotation.

3. Seemingly Sew Top in Ink $30

We all need those basic t-shirts that can be worn under our sweaters and cardigans, to either add a pop of color or be a foundational neutral that doesn’t take away form the beauty of the sweater. This sweater is the statement piece so I opted for this ink color to be worn underneath. Stock up on these in a variety of colors, they’re perfectly soft and simple.

4. Yellow Brick Cold Scarf

I have more scarves than I can count and it doesn’t stop me from buying a few new ones each year. I love this mustard yellow to brighten things up a bit. There is a lot going on with the sweater, so you may not need it all together, but if you take the sweater off, you can put the scarf on to still keep you warm.

5. Fold Me Close Bootie $79

Boots are must, whether you prefer heels, flats, ankle or knee high boots, you need boots!  I like these because you can wear them two ways and the fur lining gives you another layer of warmth.  I also like wedge ankle boots because they dress things up a bit but you can still walk easily in them.

6. Saturday at the Stables fingerless Gloves $20

Fingerless gloves, they’re obviously essential because you’ll want to be snapping photos, checking your email, and posting all your to pics Instagram of course. We like like these as Moms too because we are always helping our kids button up sweaters and zip up coats, among other things!

7. Design Your Itinerary Weekend Bag $60

This is a great overnight bag for a weekend trip, stuff it with all your key layering pieces and extra cold weather accessories. Or if you are heading to Grandma’s for the day, fill it with the kids’ extra clothes, hats, gloves, and pajamas.

What item do you like most from this layering look?


Disclosure: Mod Cloth asked me to participate in a fashion layering challenge. I happily accepted. I was not paid for this post, I did it for fun and for you! However, these are affiliate links through Reward Style.


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