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10 iPhone 6 charging accessories you need

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Charge your new iPhone 6 in style

iPhone 6 Charging Accessories

So, you have a new iPhone 6 and they say the battery will last longer than previous models, but we know how that goes! Check out these fun, stylish iPhone 6 charging accessories that will be the perfect — and most helpful — additions to your new iPhone 6. (Psst! Many iPhone 5 chargers also fit the iPhone 6. All of these listed will work with both devices!) 

iPhone 6 charging accessories

iPhone Charging Accessories 1. Goldie CableKeeps, Nice By Design, $13 (Editor’s Pick!)
These little cuties are such a lifesaver for keeping your iPhone 6 cords under control. We’ve been keeping ours in our purse for easy, on-the-go charging, no matter where we are. Available in tons of sassy colors, the Goldie CableKeeps are an absolute favorite!

2. UO Lightning Charge and Sync Cable, Urban Outfitters, $32
If your iPhone 6 cord is always on display, either at home or in your office, it’s fun to have a cord that is better than basic white. Available in a few trendy color combinations, these are a must-have iPhone 6 charging accessory for every mom.

3. iPhone Charging Cord, Lilly Pulitzer, $18
Lilly Pulitzer fans will want to snag at least one of these colorful charging cords in Lilly’s signature prints. No more accidentally stealing your guy’s charging cord when you run out the door in the morning, that’s for sure!

4. iPhone 10-Foot Long Charging Cable, Our Corner Shop via Etsy, $12
Sometimes, the cord they include with your iPhone just isn’t long enough. Thank goodness for these extra-long charging cables. Not only will they give you the extra length you need to reach the lone outlet in your favorite coffee shop, but the rope-like cord covering will keep cord breaks away.

5. Tassle Charging Cable Keychain, Photojojo, $60
It’s pretty much everything you need for the day, all wrapped up into one accessory. Keys? Check. Charger? Check. Cute little decorative tassel that comes in a bunch of colors? Check.

6. Bjacked Cable Organizer Set, BHold Design via Etsy, $50
If you feel like your life is overrun by cords, you need some of these helpful iPhone 6 charging accessories. You can wrap your cords around them, clip them together to keep them together, and get everything organized in one fail swoop.

7. Charge Card Universal Battery, Pottery Barn Teen, $39
For those days when all you’re ditching your purse, slip one of these universal batteries in your wallet. They’re as slim as a credit card, but they’ll revive your dead phone on even the longest of moms’ nights outs.

8. Charging Phone Wristlet, Pottery Barn Teen, $65
Or… if you’re looking for an iPhone 6 accessory that will let you leave your purse at home, but with room for a few more mom must-haves, this little wristlet is the way to go. Plus it will charge your phone back up in an instant.

9. Printed Portable Phone Charger, Urban Outfitters, $24
Another great on-the-go iPhone 6 charger, these from Urban Outfitters come in a variety of funky prints and patterns. And, at around $20, you can grab a couple to keep in your car, your purse, your travel bag, your kids’ backpacks…

10. Handcrafted Silver Cord Holder, Cade and Co via Etsy, $8
Probably the cutest iPhone 6 charging accessory we’ve ever seen, these little cord holders are like adorable, metallic tacos that clip around your cords to keep them organized. These, via Cade and Co on Etsy, are handcrafted and available in other color combinations, as well.

Are you loving your new iPhone 6? 

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