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Kill the clutter with these clever toy storage solutions

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I  keep a rather minimalist look in my home and take true pleasure from everything being in its place. When I introduced a tornado — aka a toddler — into my life, I knew I needed a game plan. Before I knew it, books/toys/finger puppets/crayons/stickers slowly crept in and threatened my coveted minimalist design sensibility. And while my child prefers storing things on the floor (and the tables, and the counters, and the toilet??) I personally appreciate the range of amazing options out there for keeping me sane and the playroom clutter-free…most of the time.

Bins and baskets

One of the simplest options for toy storage are bins, baskets and buckets. You can find adorable options almost anywhere from Target to indie designers. They are perfect for small spaces as you can scatter one or two throughout a room, or for larger areas where they can be grouped together. The beauty is you can simply throw toys of all shapes and sizes in at the end of the day and the area instantly looks put together.

Land of Nod quartz floor bin

Quartz floor bin, $25/ea

Emily & Meritt Canvas Pom Pom Storage Bin Pottery Barn Kids

Canvas Pom Pom Storage Bin, $29 – $49

The Container Store patchwork storage cube

Patchwork Storage Cube, $30

Hanging around

Hanging storage is the best for getting things up off the floor. I love the idea of a simple canvas shoe rack for growing collections like dolls or stuffed animals (I seriously don’t think I’ve ever purchased a stuffed animal, they just keep showing up, am I right!?) and a magnetic rack for toy cars is just genius.

canvas shoe organizer for barbie dolls

Canvas shoe organizer, $11 (image via Chatelaine)

IKEA GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack

Magnetic knife rack, $9/ea (image via Keeping Up With the Souths)

I Think I Canvas Hanging Closet Organizers by The Land of Nod

I Think I Canvas hanging closet organizers, $9 – $20

Stack em’ up

Keeping the chaos slightly organized in closet areas is doable with a great set of stackable bins and boxes with lids. From outgrown clothes to legos, these are so great for items that are not necessarily played with on a daily basis but you still want to keep close at hand.

Land of Nod Cube Top Box

Colorful Cube Top Box, $14/ea



Basic stackable basket, $6/ea

Lego stackable bins

Lego stackable bins, $39/ea

Double duty furniture

A piece of storage furniture in your kids’ bedroom or playroom is an actual lifesaver. A big toy chest, storage bench or bed can instantly conceal all those bits and bobs that don’t fit neatly anywhere else.


Pottery Barn Kids Ultimate Toy Chest

Ultimate toy chest, $329

Topside Storage Kids Bed The Land of Nod

Topside storage kids bed, $899 – $999

It’s in the bag

I am a big fan of small bag sets of various sizes to corral smaller items like art and craft supplies, sticker collections, small figurines, play doh tools, etc. The list is literally endless and each one can be filled with different items and then thrown into a stackable bin or an open basket for extra organizational goodness!

toy storage solutions


Daisy blue pack-it cubes, $28

toy storage solutions


Mesh laundry bags, $10

The Land of Nod Rainbow Decorative Suitcases

Rainbow decorative storage suitcases, $20

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