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Make pumping a breeze: Kiinde breastfeeding system

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Kiinde Breastfeeding gift set

Breast pumping 101

Let’s face it — pumping is not usually an enjoyable activity for moms. What makes matters worse is having to mess around with bottles and storage bags, and trying to find room in your freezer for the awkwardly-shaped bags. When it takes this much time and effort to pump and store milk, it becomes a task that you wish you could pass off to your other half. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t have the right equipment necessary to feed our son, so it has remained one of my least favourite tasks.

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A new idea: Kiinde breastfeeding system

I was given the opportunity to try the Kiinde Twist breastfeeding system, and I have to say that pumping and storing is MUCH more simple than it was before! While the actual act of pumping is still not my favourite — transferring, storing and warming up milk has become much easier with the Twist system.  I used to have to spend time pouring milk into bottles and shifting frozen items around in my freezer, and now I can just pump and store in the handy Kiinde freezer organizer.

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How does it work?

The Kiinde Twist system consists of universal direct-pump adapters that attach to ANY pump, Twist Pouches (leak-proof!), the Keeper bag holder and organizer,  the Kozii breastmilk warmer and bottle warmer, Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle, and the Active Latch nipple with case. All of these items work together seamlessly to create an easy pumping experience for busy moms.

The set comes with several universal direct-pump adapters, from which you can choose the correct adapter for your pump. You’ll attach the adapter to your pump, and simply attach the Twist Pouch to the end of the adapter. Instead of pumping into a bottle and then transferring the milk to a freezer bag, you are pumping directly into the bag. This means less mess and less fiddling around with bottles and bags. From there, you can  put a lid on your bag, label it and store it in the genius Kiinde Keeper. Or, you can feed directly from the Twist Pouch by snapping the pouch onto the Squeeze natural feeding bottle, squeeze out the air and pop the Active Latch nipple directly to the top of the bag. Kiinde has created this system to completely eliminate transferring milk from a bottle, to a bag, and back to a bottle again.

If you need to warm up your milk, the Kozii makes it as easy as possible The Kozii warmer promises to warm up your baby’s meal as effectively as steam, as easy as the microwave, yet still as safe as warm tap water. The Kozii uses a low-temperature, nutrient-safe water bath that is safe for ALL bottle and bag types. Needless to say, you won’t be burning yourself or risk getting your little one’s milk get too hot with this warmer. 

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The true test

It’s worth noting that my son has turned up his nose at several types of bottles. We were fairly certain that it was a lost cause for us until we tried the Natural Feeding Bottles with the Active Latch nipple. The Active Latch nipple is designed to teach deep, wide and natural latching. By requiring the baby to mimic their natural feeding patterns, it discourages “lazy latching” and helps to smooth the transition between breast and bottle. As you can see, my son happily held onto the bottle and drank almost the whole thing for my husband! Not an easy feat for my little munchkin that seems to be attached to me 24/7.

kiinde logoI love how easy the Kiinde system made pumping for me. The way each item in the set work so seamlessly together greatly reduces the amount of time I spend freezing, bagging and storing breastmilk — which is a huge benefit as any busy mom can attest to! The breastfeeding system has turned pumping into a simple task for me, and has made bottle feeding a less stressful event for both my baby and me. When your days are already a juggling act, you don’t need pumping to be another daunting task on your agenda. The Kiinde breastfeeding system is the perfect solution for busy moms to breastfeeding babies.

What breastfeeding system do you use, if you pump? What do you love/hate about it?

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  1. I could really use this… transferring the milk from the bags to the bottles is such a pain.

  2. Do you have any tricks for storing these with frozen milk? They don’t flatten as easily as Medela bags and I’m looking for ideas.

  3. To be honest, I am not sure and this writer is not longer with us! But let me see if one of our moms can help you out or give you a tip or trick!

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