Million Moms Challenge: I had a perfect pregnancy…until after pregnancy.

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I am apart of the Million Moms Challenge and I was asked “What was the most difficult moment of your pregnancy?”

This is an excerpt from the blog post I wrote answering this question.

“So when I brought my little girl home (7 yrs ago) scared and shocked by how quickly I had just become a mother, I had given breastfeeding my best shot but something wasn’t right and I was miserable, oh and my nipples were bleeding.   So yeah, I was pretty much done with that!  Not only was I in pain but I was living in my pajamas and felt like a prisoner in my own home.  It was bad enough that I was slightly traumatized by the labor and emergency c-section, but now I had something clinging to me and actually physically needed me to survive.  I thought wow, Motherhood sure isn’t kidding around!

I then went on to suffer from Postpartum Depression or PPD for short.  How did I know I was depressed?  Well, everyone has “that moment” the moment when you just know and If you really want to know my momnet, keep reading…”

You can read the rest of the story over on the Million Mom Challenge website!

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