Ice Cream Sandwiches

Mouth-watering ice cream sandwiches

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Show some love for ice cream sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches

The ice cream sandwich is so under appreciated, isn’t it? With ice cream cones, sundaes and fro-yo with crazy toppings getting all of the attention, especially when it comes to ice cream favorites for kids. It’s not surprising that oftentimes the ice cream sandwich can be forgotten. Until now. We’ve scooped the best recipes and instructions for a full list that will get your mouth watering and put this dessert at the top of everyone’s must-have treats this summer.

More than just vanilla

While some of the recipes we’ve highlighted below go the classic route, others take the ingredients to the extreme, even adding bacon to the outside of the ice cream, like our friends at i am a food blog, or using beer ice cream, like Karen does on her sandwiches on Honestly Yum. And, that’s not to mention the creative ideas that these ice cream sandwich gurus use to contain their ice cream, like the thick, lucious brownies that SugarHero! uses in her recipe, or the donuts, yes, donuts, that Paper and Stitch uses in hers.

Whether you like your sandwiches pure and simple or you’re ready to push the boundaries with something more adventurous and surprising, with this bounty of tasty recipes, we certainly have you covered! Make room in that freezer… you’re going to need it!

Can we get a yum? Or fourteen?

14 Ice cream sandwich recipes to try
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 Is your family a fan of this classic treat?

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  1. Thanks for sharing my ice cream sandwich recipe! Looks like an awesome collection of summer treats. 🙂

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