Building with pool noodles using Canoodle Toy! {Giveaway}

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Does your child like to build with LEGOs and other fun construction sets? Well then, getting them outside this summer and keeping them engaged shouldn’t be a problem with Canoodle!

Canoodle Toy is a building set that connects pool noodles and allows your child to build structures and creative shapes. I had the opportunity to test out the Canoodle Toy this past weekend and it sure drew a lot of attention from the other kids at the pool. Many of the kids came over asking us what it was and if they could help us build!

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Building with Canoodle Toy

The Canoodle Toy comes with tools for connecting your pool noodles. You first start by screwing the noodles onto the screw like tool and then clip the hooks onto the circular shape. This allows you to connect up to four noodles into one round circular shape. the Canoodle Toy sets also come with a tool for cutting the noodles.  By cutting the noodles and making them shorter it is a little easier to build specific shapes, smaller structures, objects or animals. The structure we built was not anything in particular but the kids had a lot of fun swimming around the pool with it and pretending it was their ship.

The noodles may disconnect if the kids are pulling on it, but that was actually part of the fun! The kids have to reconnect it or decide to add on to it.That is another benefit of the Canoodle Toys, the kids have to work together!  I recommend at least 10 or more noodles. We bought ours at the Dollar Tree, so it they were only a $1 each.

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Connect-a-noodle with Canoodle

Canoodle Toy was created to encourage kids imagination, role play, creativity and team work. They definitely bring a new level of play to the basic pool noodle, especially if you have older kids. Not only is this connect-a-noodle toy cool, it’s educational and gives kids lots of creative possibilities.

To celebrate summer and give you an opportunity to stretch your child’s imagination this summer, we are giving away a Canoodle Toy prize pack to one lucky reader!

Canoodle Toy GIVEAWAY

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One WINNER will receive:

The giveaway will include 2 mini building sets and 2 3-piece sets. The mini building set consists of 4 canoodles, 10 connectors, 2 cappers, 1 slider, 1 twister, and one cutter. The more pieces you have, the more creative you can get with the structures.  Retail Value $92

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  1. i love these! Such a fun way to use Noodles in the pool AND out!

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